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Discussion in 'General Forum' started by Eric Wilson, Mar 16, 2016.

  1. David87

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    So I've had this camera for years now, taken thousands of pictures, but never really thought about/looked into the editing process beyond simply cropping, so...

    Is sharpening photos in different programs on the computer, like, good? Do people generally think those pictures are "better" and such? I'm playing around with the nikon photo editor now and I'm just...unsure if the photos are looking better or looking fake haha.

    How much editing do ya'll do to your pictures?
  2. Kellan

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    I use Lightroom and you can definitely overdo it but if done well it definitely adds to the photo.

    I have a Sony A6000 now, and feel like I need to branch out with a new lens, anything other than macro I’m thinking. Any suggestions for one that won’t break the bank?
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  3. MrCon

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    If you're shooting in RAW, then I think it's pretty typical to do a bit of sharpening (unsharp mask) and smoothing to sort it out. RAW on its own tends to look a bit odd.

    TBH, I'm not great at the editing thing. I tend to really heavily on what's in the image and just try to maximise that. I can't get anywhere close to the stuff you see people achieving in photoshop. Typically, I'll fiddle with the contrast and saturation a bit and then apply some vignetting to give the picture a little more focus. Sometimes I mess about with things to give it a more stylised look, but I tend to keep it fairly natural.
  4. fastlife

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    I always edit my photos. Mainly because the in-camera jpgs don’t usually align to how I saw the scene or how I remembered it looking and that annoys me.

    Lightroom was pretty intimidating to start using, and I definitively overdid stuff when I first got into it (maybe still do) but it’s fun to play around with. I don’t think sharpening is too much of an issue. The main thing overall is not pushing the sliders too far. Usually I bump up sharpening, clarity, and contrast globally just a little. Most of my time editing is correcting exposure and making local adjustments to the parts I want to be the focus. And hopefully it comes out natural looking.
  5. Ferrari333SP

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    I've been using the Lightroom app on my phone, which has been pretty nifty to use, moving the sliders to edit the image that results in something that looks like the best representation of the image. I'll take RAW pics on my Canon 80D, transfer to my phone, and then edit with the app. I'd like to eventually edit with Lightroom on my computer, but I just haven't sat down, bought it, and just spent the time to learn it yet. Are there any really good tutorial websites or Youtube series' that are good for Lightroom beginners?