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Discussion in 'Music Forum' started by DaydreamNation, Mar 31, 2016.

  1. DaydreamNation

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    Discuss this wonderful band that will hopefully have a new record coming out soon.

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  2. Meerkat

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    This is a good thread.

    The sound they created on Muchacho was so interesting (and didn't get enough attention in my opinion) and I'd love to see how they expand that. Also "Song For Zula" and "Muchachos Tune" can make me sad and mopey in the happiest of moments
  3. DaydreamNation

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    Muchacho is definitely one of my favorite records from the last few years.
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  4. brandon_260

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    Bump bc I revisited Muchacho and Here's To Taking It East to cool my hype for the new War on Drugs.
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  5. DaydreamNation

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    "Mar 31, 2016"

    *deep sigh*
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  6. zmtr

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    The Mermaid Parade 4E
  7. zmtr

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    I miss Matt so fucking much. If I had to pick 1 single artist to get new stuff from I'd pick Phosphorescent easily.
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  8. brandon_260

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    Can’t believe we’re coming on 5 years since Muchacho
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  9. tucah

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    something new soon pls
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  10. DaydreamNation

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    Muchacho's five year anniversary is a month from now, damn
  11. zmtr

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    He has a euro tour coming up in October and other big news coming. NEW ALBUM!?!??!?!?!
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