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Peter Munters on New Podcast

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Nov 22, 2019.

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  2. .K. Nov 23, 2019
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    I really enjoyed Over It, and still give bands like them, Moneen, Northstar, Moving Mountains and bands like that regular listens. Wish they were all still around or put out a few more records.

    It was also nice to hear Pete’s working on music, and it was fun to hear those stories. I remember way back in the days when bands posted their email, asking these guys if they’d ever put out the b-sides or finished versions of songs that didn’t make it on Silverstrand. Seth, their bass player replied, and said that they hadn’t really thought of it but they should. A couple months later they released those bsides which were called The Strand.

    Over It still has a bunch of bsides and rare stuff never released which I wish they’d make accessible. I want a go copy of “Caught Up In A Rundown” instead it’s the bad rip I have.
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  3. Stevie


    Timing Is Everything is still one of my fav albums ever... creative, catchy, technical, full of heart and some outrageously genius vocal melodies...
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