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Pete Wentz Talks Upcoming Tour

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Nov 1, 2017.

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    Pete Wentz of Fall Out Boy sat down with Diffuser to talk about the band’s upcoming tour and album:

    Honestly, it was mostly an attitude adjustment. Patrick and I realized we were making a record for neither of us. He thought I loved the songs and I thought he loved the songs. But when we actually talked about them, we realized neither of us loved them. I think Fall Out Boy is unmoored from who we were 10 years ago. We came from a scene and a place, but we’re not tethered to that scene or place anymore. The beauty of that is that we can put out any record right now. But the one record we couldn’t put out is a mediocre Fall Out Boy record. There’s just no point in that. So we just need to put some more work into the songs.

  2. Bayside 182

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    Interesting. Did they scrap these songs he speaks of here entirely and write completely new ones? I think it's good that they didn't release something that they didn't fully love but at the same time not sure why they started releasing singles so early in process.
  3. Honeymagnolia

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    Interesting read.
  4. heymattrick

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    Pretty sure songs were scrapped entirely and started over. The Last of the Real Ones was written right after the decision to delay the album, if I’m not mistaken.
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  5. cosmickid

    Composer, but never composed.

    Always find it so interesting to hear Pete speak about how approaches being in a band, I find his mentality to be really inspiring and refreshing.
  6. Bryan Diem


    He's so right about 2013 and 2015 being so similar.
  7. SEANoftheDEAD


    Cool quote - "For me rock ‘n’ roll has always been an idea. Yes, it's guitar, bass, and drums, but it's also a dangerous idea. I never wanted it to become this quaint thing where you take your kid to museum and point to the diorama, and say, “Look, son. This is rock ‘n’ roll.”"
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  8. Bryan Diem


    The museum analogy is exactly how I feel about Foo Fighters
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  9. SEANoftheDEAD


    haha so true!
  10. CyberInferno

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    Did he listen to American Beauty/American Psycho?
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  11. Bryan Diem


    I like that he compares it to what a DJ or something would put out, that puts the album in an interesting context even if it was a pretty awful record.
  12. St. Nate

    من النهر إلى البحر Prestigious

    AB/AP is a pretty good record imo.

    I'll never understand why people hate that record, cause it is a good record.
  13. Sean Murphy

    Prestigious Supporter

    IMO they have not yet released a bad record, so whatever they're doing, keep it up.
  14. kelseyleigh

    Trusted Supporter

    Interesting read. I like his perspective.
  15. somethingwitty


    I hate that they started releasing singles before the album was finished. I know the pop and hip hop music industry is a singles driven game but I really liked what FOB used to do with creating a narrative or a sound for an entire album. AB/AP was the first FOB record that sounded like a mix tape and I think that's why I was so turned off, it felt like a collection of songs without an identity.

    SR&R, while not their best, had cohesion and a clear identity. I understand they're done with the punk scene, and are making a killing being a slightly edgier Maroon 5, which isn't really a bad thing due to Patrick. I just hope the new record doesn't have that mixtape feel.
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  16. ComedownMachine

    Prestigious Supporter

    Regarding the quote about not loving the songs, I wonder if that applies to Y&M or Champion since they were released before they came to their decision
  17. Snoblin

    Goblin Person Prestigious

    People hate that record?

    I thought it was received at the same level as SR&R..
  18. St. Nate

    من النهر إلى البحر Prestigious

    Nah, lotta people here don't like it.

    Don't know why tbh.

    I'm not big on FOB but I really enjoyed it.
  19. heymattrick

    Pool Boy at the Vampire Mansion

    When AB/AP came out, the reception seemed pretty positive. I remember following along the day they released the songs one by one, and the comments seemed mostly positive at that point.
  20. Bryan Diem


    Ab/ap is very obnoxois and doesn't hide its bad lyrics as well as their other albums. That's why it's awful.
  21. St. Nate

    من النهر إلى البحر Prestigious

    This is a lie
  22. Bryan Diem


    I also think it sounds pretty poor aside from the songs I like. Nothing drives them aside from annoying ass choruses. Favorite Record and Kids are Alright rule tho
  23. Jusscali

    Trick or Treat Mfer Prestigious

    When they talk they sound like they have it all figured out. Then, they release a bunch of trite, uninspired, pap. I wish I could trust their judgement as song writers at this point. My sincere hope is that I can take 2-3 songs from the record that I can enjoy for a month or two.
  24. ZeoVGM


    It's one of their best albums so I'd say he did.
  25. ZeoVGM


    This is factually incorrect.