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Performers Announced for Chester Bennington Tribute Show

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Sep 21, 2017.

  1. Melody Bot

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  2. SteveLikesMusic

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    That's a pretty perfect lineup of vocalists for them, should be a hell of a show.
  3. Behind the Barricade

    There are still so many artists I can see at this show including Jared Leto, Aaron Lewis and possibly Jay-Z. He has a show in Anaheim that night but it's still possible.
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  4. ARo24


    I know Oli had posted Chester was an idol of his so that’s pretty cool for him to be a part of this. Real solid lineup.
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  5. DillonHigh


    Ummmm $500-1350 for tickets. What the shit is that?
  6. Behind the Barricade

    That's what was left from the presale. I got 2 tickets for 95 each and I'm not too far back.
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  7. Tata Toothy


    Yeah that’s crazy, but I can’t imagine this show will be easy or cheap to get tickets for. It’s not a huge venue.

    Tomorrow’s tickets not including platinum range from $42.50-$169.50. Which is more then reasonable
  8. House Of Wolves


    I hope this is filmed.
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  9. Davjs


    I also hope this is film or audio recorded.

    I always hoped that they recorded from the soundboard at that one and only warped show they did and would release it one day. Nate doing One Step Closer, Ryan doing What I've Done and Jeremy doing A Place For My Head seems perfect. I'd buy it as an live EP.
  10. silentc


    System of a Down minus Serj will also be there
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  11. Davjs


  12. aniafc


    I wouldn't be surprised to see Jay Z make an appearance, but have no clue on the logistics behind making that work.
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  13. crunchprank Prestigious

    Why isn't Serj going to be with them?
  14. Davjs


    He does whatever he can to disappoint System fans in the last 10 years lol.
  15. slimfenix182


    I had forgotten that it had sounded like there was going to be a new album. And then I read the comments on that FB announcement and that's apparently not close to happening lol ugh.
  16. zachmacD


    Very cool. I'm sure most saw it but that video that was just posted of Chester the night before he killed himself was heartbreaking. It's still crazy that he's gone
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  17. Jackbo487


    Serj commented on the SOAD Instagram page's post about the LP show and said 'out of the country that day. But will try to make it of course"
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  18. Davjs


    Yeah, I think the bass player and drummer both came out saying Serj is the only hold up on a new album. Shame, because Scars on Broadway and Serj solo stuff could have made great system songs if they had all worked on it.
  19. thecobrakais


  20. Dirty Sanchez

    Prestigious Prestigious

    I think serj is just afraid to release something as it's been so long, and is probably worried about the reception.
  21. Jackbo487


    I did some casual searching around last night and I noticed Deftones presumably *would* be available as they're doing something in Mexico the next night - would Chino or somebody opt to show up.

    Same for Papa Roach, whose show Linkin Park was opening as the first time I ever saw LP, so...
  22. Davjs


    I feel like almost any artist would make a point to make it there, it's probably more up to the band and who they want there.

    also yes to deftones and p roach please.
  23. Behind the Barricade

    Along with Papa Roach and Deftones, I can see Jared Leto or 30STM, AFI, Corey Taylor, Sully Erna and Aaron Lewis come out and either perform a set or with the band. It's crazy how many friends LP has and the even crazier amount of artists they've influenced.
  24. Jackbo487


    yep. Stone Sour's in Sacramento Thursday & in Mexico on Saturday so I would *assume* Corey'd also be able to be there. I can't imagine he'd miss it if at all possible.
  25. Behind the Barricade

    Not at all especially when he tried to help Chester with the fan backlash and also spoke very highly of him after his death. Barring a freak accident, I can see him at least being in the building for the show.
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