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Pennywise Finish New Album

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Nov 29, 2017.

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    Pennywise have told the OC Weekly they’ve finished their new album and hope to release it in 2018:

    We’ve got a raging fast album that I feel like is our best work since Full Circle and Straight Ahead. We’re able to go back to the old school vibe and that’s hard to do. Bands try to go back and recreate their first or second albums and somehow this time we stumbled across an old formula that really worked. It’s aggressive and has a lot of cool lyrics. We’re looking forward to getting it out there around March.

  2. Phil507

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    So tired of the "returning to our roots" press cycles around new albums.
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  3. Furman


    I wish the band would have kept something going with Zoli. All or Nothing was the last Pennywise album I enjoyed. The last two releases were trash. Could never tell if they were albums or just reworked unreleased old songs. Didn’t care for either one regardless. *fingers crossed*
  4. AlwaysEvolving21

    Trusted Supporter

    Looking forward to this. These guys need an angry and fast album. Straight Ahead has been on super heavy rotation for me the last couple months (hence my profile pic). I think its their best album in my opinion. I typically don’t go for bands taking things back to their roots, but with punk bands like Pennywise and Bad Religion, I’m all for it. Even the new Anti-Flag album rules.
  5. tomtom94


    Yesterdays is B-sides, the other one is an actual album.

    All or Nothing is Pennywise's best album.
  6. AlwaysEvolving21

    Trusted Supporter

    Have you listened to Ignite’s newest album A War Against You? Solid record if you’re a fan of Zoli.
  7. mmhmm

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    I think the current Pennywise line-up underestimates just how much people loved All or Nothing. The existence of that album..and a Pennywise album that is *that* good, has the potential to make whatever they put out in 2018 a significant disappointment, imo.
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  8. shawnhyphenray


    Ignite pretty much sounds exactly like Pennywise with Zoli.