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Pen15 (Hulu) TV Show

Discussion in 'Entertainment Forum' started by riotspray, Feb 18, 2019.

  1. riotspray

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    I know people are talking about it in the Netflix/steaming thread, but it seems to be picking up enough steam to warrant its own thread.

  2. mad

    I was right. Prestigious

    this show is great. hilarious and extremely relatable (esp as someone who started jr high around the same time)
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  3. NJPunkMusic

    Die rad.

    I watched the first five episodes and wanted to like it, but I just dont like the characters at all. They just make it so weird and embarrassing to watch. And then I read they were really in their 30s and I was like ummm yea Im good. Everything Sucks! on Netflix was so much better.
  4. EASheartsVinyl

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    I feel very attacked by this show.
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  5. EASheartsVinyl

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    The soundtrack is TOO MUCH. And I owned so many of these pieces of clothing. I wish I actually had a close friend to go through middle school with though, all my best friends lives hours away and it sucked.
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  6. mad

    I was right. Prestigious

    Yeah I straight up owned so many shirts that Anna and Maya wear
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  7. from: skulls


    This was fantastic. Its doing so much more than nostalgia which a lot of these kinda shows are guilty of. Love how emotional it gets toward the end. That racism episode was super real.
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  8. Jake Gyllenhaal

    I’m a surfer! Supporter

    Been meaning to check out this show but the two stars/creators were on the Comedy Bang Bang podcast today

    No Relation, episode #587 of Comedy Bang Bang: The Podcast on Earwolf

    I watched the trailer weeks ago and legit bought they were both teenagers but found it hilarious they’re 31 year olds acting alongside 13 year olds. Three episodes in and I’m liking this.
  9. ChaseTx

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    The racism episode was super hard to watch but so well done

    The AIM episode just made me so happy for the dumbest reasons.
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  10. supernovagirl

    Poetic and noble land mermaid

    as someone who loves the 90s and 00s more than anything, this show was basically made for me.

    It's so good and perfect and as @mad said, relatable.

    It also helped foster a really good conversation with my ex and I about sexism in media. Like, how this show resonated with me so much I immediately wanted to watch it with him but I knew he wouldnt want to. Why? because 1, nostalgia isnt his bag bag, but 2, because it doesn't resonate with him and he can't relate, he sees no value. I talked about how its interesting that women are expected to watch male-led shows and movies all the time even though we can't identify with it, but it's normal and okay for men to shy away from seeing anything told from a women's perspective
  11. Daniel


    Only on episode 3,but loving it so far. All the wrestling and Nu Metal band shirts the boys are wearing really bring me back.

    Anyone not giving it a shot because of the whole age thing, don't worry everything else is extremely grounded and they disappear into the roles quickly
  12. supernovagirl

    Poetic and noble land mermaid

    Yeah honestly the age thing didn’t bother me at all (and that was a common complaint I saw before watching). I thought they made them look awkward enough and also it really emphasized the vibe that it was two girls looking back on their past experiences
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  13. ChaseTx

    Nuke the site from orbit. The only way to be sure Prestigious

    I don't know if the people who complained about that thought they were trying to pass as actual 13 year olds rather than just playing it to comic effect
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  14. EASheartsVinyl

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    Considering how many shows use 30 year olds to play high schoolers and do it totally straight, I’m completely fine with this one turning it up to eleven and actually making it part of the show purposefully. They play the characters beautifully and it really highlights how much they feel like outsiders.
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  15. Jake Gyllenhaal

    I’m a surfer! Supporter

    The cast of Wet Hot American Summer were in their late 20s passing off as 18 year olds. They were in the 40s by the time of the Netflix prequel. It’s funny.
  16. Jake Gyllenhaal

    I’m a surfer! Supporter

    Watched episodes 7 & 8 last night, I loved the musical nods to the movies Wild Things and Casino
  17. recall reality

    "But existing is basically all I do!" Prestigious

    This is true but it's even doing nostalgia better than most of those shows for me. The AIM episode spoke to me.
  18. Dan Quinlan


    this was beyond delightful and hit really hard at at times as well. i love it!
  19. popdisaster00

    I'm usually deluded Moderator

    Ooo this is good
  20. Jake Gyllenhaal

    I’m a surfer! Supporter

    Finished the season tonight. Please don’t be like Everything Sucks and they cancel it
  21. popdisaster00

    I'm usually deluded Moderator

    Random thought, when Freaks and Geeks came out it was looking back basically 20 years. This show is doing that now. I FEEL OLD
  22. Jake Gyllenhaal

    I’m a surfer! Supporter

    I am totally down with show creators writing what they know. Maya & Anna were 13 in 2000. Paul Feig was 18 in 1980.
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  23. tumbleweedterror

    music is all we got

    I loved this a lot. The episode where Anna stays with Maya for two nights really got me, especially the montage of them playing and running around and stuff, so sweet and nostalgic and emotional. Good shit.
  24. Jake Gyllenhaal

    I’m a surfer! Supporter

    Yes, the Cranberries song was the icing on the cake
  25. Jake Gyllenhaal

    I’m a surfer! Supporter

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