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Pedro the Lion Sign With Polyvinyl Records

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Jan 25, 2018.

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    Pedro the Lion will be releasing a new album via Polyvinyl Records later this year. A full statement from David Bazan can be found below.

    Today is the first day back in the studio as Pedro the Lion. After writing and arranging a handful of new songs, then rehearsing and arranging them further with the band, we’re ready to record a couple of them for a new album. I didn’t realize what calling my music Pedro the Lion again would mean to me, but it’s re-connected me to parts of myself and my history (both sonic and personal) that I had lost touch with. This re-awakening is making the process so much more enjoyable and I’m grateful for the chance to do this again.

    As a music fan I’ve watched Polyvinyl thrive in a brutal marketplace and grow their seminal roster to include even more bands that I’m downright obsessed with. As a cog in the music business I’ve gotten to know and appreciate their inner workings gradually through mutual friends and colleagues over many years of visiting their offices in Champaign, Illinois. So when looking for a record label for Pedro the Lion I realized pretty quickly that Polyvinyl was a fantastic fit. I am so thrilled to be working with them.

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    who told you this room exists?


    I was stoked to see that I'm seeing them in August, but new music?


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    This is a perfect fit.


  6. Oh shit
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    New Pedro is excellent news!
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    Um, yes please
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    Heck yes!
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    That's a nice surprise to me ;D the label is a perfect fit though!