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Pearl Jam 2016 Tour Tour

Discussion in 'Tour Forum' started by thecobrakais, Apr 15, 2016.

  1. thecobrakais


    Anyone have a chance to catch Pearl Jam in Florida on their recent start to the 2016 tour? I was able to go to Miami and Tampa. I've been a huge fan of theirs since Ten came out and had never been able to see them live until now. They still play with the same passion they had 25 years ago. Highly recommend going if you can.

    The coolest thing is that I have a friend that knows Mike McCready and he was able to get us backstage passes in Tampa and let us watch the entire 3 hr show from the side stage. UNREAL.
  2. mike1885

    Trusted Supporter

    I wish. I still have yet to see Pearl Jam, and I'll be on a European cruise when they hit Fenway this year. I can't complain since I'll be on vacation, but I was a little upset when they announced the dates.
  3. I hope I can go to the Fenway show.
  4. J12


    I'll be at the Sunday Fenway show. Pearl Jam is one of the last bands I have on my "must see" list, so I'm pretty excited.
  5. Jason Tolpin


    We saw Pearl Jam (Ten), RHCP (BSSM) , and Smashing Pumpkins (Gish) way back when at BU/BC/Northeastern/somewhere there.

    The guys in front of me said Smashing Pumpkins was a 'poor mans Sonic Youth'.

    I remember Eddie Vedder, I think, jump into the crowd and crowd surf.

    At least - thats the story I rehash....
  6. suicidesaints

    Trusted Prestigious

    ^ That's a crazy lineup... I assume RHCP headlined?
  7. Jason Tolpin


    RHCP was last, yeah.... pumpkin were in the middle, and PJ opened. (well, of course they did - someone had to)

    No one knew them yet -

    11/01/91 – Walter Brown Arena, Boston University: Boston, MA
    supporting: Smashing Pumpkins, Red Hot Chili Peppers
    notes: Ed dives into the audience and surfs out to the soundboard and back.
  8. thecobrakais


    that's pretty incredible! not many people can say they've experience that.
  9. MrAirplane


  10. Jason Tolpin


    FWIW - 2 shows at Fenway are done.... I read the reviews... Good <GOD> - 3 hrs + for each show with some deep cuts.

    So, I lost touch with PJ, but I was <there> when they arrived on the scene.

    The shows at Fenway sound <incredible> from a setlist POV.
  11. ncarrab

    Prestigious Supporter

    Pearl Jam is still on my list of bands that i've never seen that I still need to see, however, my excitement to see them over the past decade has dropped considerably. I was a HUGE Pearl Jam fan when I was like 8-years-old until about 12 or 13-years-old (Ten, Vs. Vitalogy era) but they completely lost me after that. I continued to buy several of their albums after that, but it never caught on with me. I do have a LOT of their live albums and even their live DVD from I believe MSG.

    I have a TON of respect for the band, especially that I see their live shows are near 3-hours and they play 30-35 songs, but after nearly 20 years of me not liking any of their material, I would really only like a handful of songs they play at their shows.

    That said, if they ever come to Cleveland again, I'd probably go just out of respect.