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    No thread yet?

  2. I think Celebrate Ricky Sargulesh might be my favourite episode.
  3. cwhit

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    i'm not sure i have a favorite, show fires on all cylinders for pretty much the whole time, haha
  4. suicidesaints

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    I really need to do a rewatch of this. Been way too long.
  5. troyplaysbass

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    Steve Guttenberg's Birthday is probably my favorite, but there's a case to be made for nearly any episode in the series. Just a great show all around.
  6. fronkensteen


    This show is pretty funny, but the first season is way better than the second season.
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    can I get a movie please?
  8. Adrian Villagomez Prestigious

    Mostly that's thanks to Jane Lynch.
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  9. Wait I changed my mind California College Conservative Union Caucus is my favourite episode
  10. Unnecessary bump, so I apologize... but also kinda necessary cause this thread only has like 5 posts and it deserves better.

    cue the... are we having fun yet?
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    I actually just rewatched the series a couple weeks ago. They're all on Hulu but I have both seasons on DVD. I wished they'd do another season for Netflix or finally make the movie we've been teased with for the last seven years.

    As far as a favorite episode, it's a toss up between "Taylor Stiltskin Sweet 16" & "James Ellison Funeral" for me.
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    My girlfriend is obsessed with Adam Scott, but has NEVER seen Party Down. I'm gonna blow her mind, y'all.