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  1. K0ta

    Y'all I just went on a deep internet dive trying to find these pictures from my first Paramore show, idk why but I had a violent need to see if these pictures still existed somewhere because I've since lost them. AND I FOUND THEM!!! They're truly awful (check out that sick flip phone) but like I'm so happy to have found them hahaha. Oh man that dress, Jeremy's outift, I'll never get over it. This was September 27, 2006. The bbs!

    IMG_0336.jpg IMG_0332.jpg IMG_0331.jpg IMG_0334.jpg

    EDIT: I'll also note that according to posts where I found the pics tickets for this tour were ~$15. Yeah those were the days eh?
  2. ChaseTx

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    You just made me realize I graduated HS a year before Misery Business was released. I went all the way through my teenage years before hearing Paramore. Wow
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  3. K0ta

    I take small comforts in being the same age as Hayley almost to the day so being an old doesn't feel as bad.
  4. a lack of color


    My first show was August 12, 2006 and I vividly remember paying $12 at the door.
    Your pics really bring me back!
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  5. K0ta

  6. a lack of color


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  7. K0ta

    That's amazing that you remember that!

    Oh my god, your first show was at the Crazy Donkey!!? I miss that venue and can't believe I didn't get a chance to see them there. I had to drive to NJ to catch that date because I got into them right around the time of this tour and happened to get lucky and I believe they had rescheduled this date, otherwise I may never have seen them. How crazy!
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  8. a lack of color


    Yes! And can you believe I bought my tickets at the door?! The guy manning the line said it might sell out before I had a chance to get in. They were also supposed to do a free acoustic show at Tower Records in Massapequa (I think?) that got canceled. That's how I ended up at the Crazy Donkey show, because I was so upset about that being canceled that my mom found someone to take me to a different show lol.
    I miss the Donkey too, I actually pass by it all the time because I work nearby and it makes me sad every time :'(
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  9. iCarly Rae Jepsen

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    It's a Buffalo Wild Wings now lol

    Never went there or the Downtown because ga shows give me anxiety
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  10. K0ta

    Wow I'm amazed haha. Also nice of your mom to work that out for you. My friend and I actually lied to our parents and then drove to Jersey for my show, oops sorry Mom but it was so worth it. :embarrassed:

    The Downtown was such a shithole lol but I miss having more venue options here.
  11. Kyle Max

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    Both of my old bands played The Downtown and The Crazy Donkey. I like to think it was my fault they closed.
  12. bradsonemanband

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    Here are some pictures from the first Paramore show I saw, which was 1/28/2006 at The Alley in Sparks, Nevada:

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  13. K0ta

    Hunter! What a tiny stage.
  14. personalmaps

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    Ahh I’m so jealous! I saw them for the first time in 2008 at this random venue called the Deltaplex near Grand Rapids, MI. My dad might still have pictures somewhere but I’m not sure.
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  15. broken22


    I unfortunately haven't gotten to see Paramore live yet, it's on my bucket list though.
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  16. K0ta

    Was that during the Final Riot tour?

    You absolutely must, it is always an experience!
  17. Joe4th

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    I missed them so many times. My first time was at the Fillmore in 2013
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  18. bradsonemanband

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    It was a small stage set up in a bowling alley, haha.
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  19. broken22


    I bet ! It's weird I pushed off After Laughter for the longest time and I actually really like it now ! The same thing happened with self titled and I absolutely love it.
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  20. personalmaps

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    It was the Jimmy Eat World coheadline and my dad made me leave after Paramore finished because he didn’t want to be tired driving home. I’m still salty about it.

    Okay but that show was Lit. Remember that couple making out in front of us the WHOLE time lmao.
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  21. K0ta

    It's never too late pleaseletthemtoursoonimdying
    Omg I'm sorry lol.
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  22. personalmaps

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    I lied I’m actually still salty abt that 2013 show bc I was 1 second away from getting picked for Anklebiters, like she was pointing at me, and some guy jumped in front of me with a sign that said “pick me I’m a guy” and Hayley was like “well I can’t argue with that logic come up here dude.”
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  23. K0ta

  24. Joe4th

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    That couple at that show was awful haha

    We tried so hard to get Kayla picked. Sign guy forever is the worst
  25. K0ta

    Next time they tour we must all show up at her date with signs demanding she be picked