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Discussion in 'Music Forum' started by Jason Tate, Mar 4, 2016.

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    wow! that's crazy haha
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    My heart just did a backflip lmao.

    I will never forget the day I discovered Paramore. It was right before RIOT! actually came out. I was 14 and I was babysitting my siblings. I had MTV2 on the TV because I thought I was edgy and cool constantly watching music videos. The Miz Biz video came on and I remember just being like....."WHAT IS THIS!" I think it was the first time I understood music didn't always have to be really sad and dark and angry? Something about this crazy orange haired girl smiling and rocking out just got me. I immediately went to my family's clunky desktop and looked them up on Purevolume. The rest was historyyyyyy.

    RIOT! will always be so special to me. I needed it so badly during those years and I think it helped a lot that Hayley is only a few years older than me. I feel so lucky to have had such a great role model in this scene and I think that Paramore's influence shaped my life in so many ways. I hope they put out new music soon!
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    I never meant to brag
  4. Album's still catchy as balls.
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    I feel like soooo many small bands’ catalogues disappeared forever with Purevolume. RIP I loved that site so much.
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  6. Re-reading it now ... my review of the album is like 25% awful and totally wrong, 30% right and I still agree with, and 45% trying to keep "cool points" because I was afraid the dudes at would make fun of me for writing about how much I liked it at the time so I toned a lot of it down and put a lot of caveats in where I shouldn't have. Big, big regret. The one review I still cringe reading and had to put "editors notes" in years later.
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    Share it with us! I'm sure I read it back in the day, but I don't remember any of it. Maybe some jokes about wanting the airwaves back eventhough they didn't have them yet?
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    I feel like I picked a fight with someone on for reviewing it and saying something along the lines of “fun for a summer BBQ but you won’t remember it by the time the night’s over” because I used to pick fights with everyone abt dumb shit instead of important shit.
  9. LOL I definitely wrote that.
    So it is within that run around the neighborhood that I had my first sugar-filled taste of the new album from Paramore. For my entire jog I enjoyed the music – by the time I had arrived back home and finished a cold shower – I had completely forgotten it. And that is about the most accurate description I can give of my feelings on this album: It’s extremely catchy and almost instantly forgettable. Nothing I’d decide to listen to on a daily basis, but an album I wouldn’t mind hearing on a road-trip, beach party, or BBQ.1

    And hate that line so much I added a footnote years later:
    Note: I still listen to this album on a near monthly basis some 10 years later. I was flat out wrong about saying it was forgettable.
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    Well color me stupid. Took me 12 years to realize she's saying "brag," not "break."
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    I remember that she had a Flyers jersey on in the "Pressure" music video, which was a combo amazing enough to send me right to their Purevolume.
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    I want you to know that this review put 14 year old me into a rage tailspin and I spent the entire night ranting abt it in the rec room of my high school’s dorms.
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    high school dorms? rec room?
    aww bb kayla
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    This thread has gotten me to play Riot! for the first time in a long time. Hooks galore. Admittedly, I like the last two albums much more, but for a mid-80 degrees day, this is doing the trick.
  16. My buddy from college produced all their videos thru the self titled record. I remember loving emergency so damn much it was fun to see them blow up with Riot!
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    Yo I went to a nutso private Christian school!! Like i didn’t live in the dorms bc I was in the same city but all my friends did so it was wild times.
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  18. I first heard Paramore in late 2008 thanks to the release of Decode. I fell madly in love with the darkness of the video, the guitars, and Hayley’s voice was simply otherworldly. It was life changing to see a young woman in such a successful rock band. Hayley made me feel like I could do absolutely anything. I told my dad about it (I was 12 years old at the time), seeing how excited I was, he downloaded Riot! for me. I listened to it exclusively for months. Paramore were my gateway to pop punk. They were also that band that was “mine” for a while. My parents were strict as my sister and I were growing up. We spent a majority of our school holidays at my grandparents house. They hardly speak English and the generational gap is really felt - especially for me. I harboured a lot of resentment towards organised religion because of the way my grandparents were twisted due to their beliefs. My sole escape at the time was Riot!. In 2009, I bought Brand New Eyes on CD, the first album I ever bought with my own allowance. In 2014, I saw Paramore live for the first time. Struggling with suicidal ideation and recovering from the aftermath of an abusive relationship, that night was the time I felt free and happy in years. I saw Paramore again last year. Both times, they inspired the most ecstatic happiness I haven’t felt at any other concert. Riot! was the first album to change my life.
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    I started saying "catchy as balls" after reading that review and still say it to this day because the phrase catchy as balls is itself catchy as balls.
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    Just listened to Riot during my workout because of this thread. Album still rules.
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    I didn't listen to Riot! in full until a few years after it came out but the singles put them on the map for me and eventually once I got more into music they became my favorite band.
  23. Never have I been so absolutely certain a band I liked was about to monumentally explode than I was after getting through the first chorus of Pessimist after torrenting Riot when it leaked. Was definitely a fan of AWKIF but geez what a game changer
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    You know, the fascinating thing about Riot! is that for me it’s easily the 2nd weakest Paramore record artistically speaking, but I’ll be darned if that record doesn’t have a much bigger presence in my life than the others. I think of those songs more often by virtue of how catchy they are and how often they’re played on the radio. It’s also when I became a fan.
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