Paramore Retiring “Misery Business”

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    Paramore announced at their hometown show in Nashville over the the weekend that they will be retiring “Misery Business” from their setlist for “a really long time.”

  2. SkyGrowsBigger


    About time. As much as I like the song, the lyrics are super cringey and it makes no sense in the context of their new material.
  3. artbynickferran

    Work Hard. Be Nice.

    Makes sense to me. They've got plenty of other, better songs anyway.
  4. joe.boy.fresh.


    Good for them honestly. Hayley even addressed this song over their summer tour, that they were different people then when it was written and much younger, and that they’re not the same as they once were. Worth noting that she held the mic to the crowd during the “once a...” lyrics.

    I’ve seen people post angry and sad reactions to this news, as if they don’t have 5 albums worth of incredible songs to fill this void.

    Kudos to Paramore for doing this.
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  5. Pepetito

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    I don't get when bands quit playing there best songs. Bummer for the fans.
  6. St. Nate

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    PLenty of great songs.

    Been singing it for over 10 years.
  7. earthlight

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    This is pretty silly. No reason to not continue to play it.
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  8. earthlight

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    So just don't play any songs from the period of time that made the band famous? Why don't they just start a new band?
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  9. Beside all the reasons the lead singer of the band has specifically said about how it makes her uncomfortable.

    One song != "all the songs." Come on.
  10. earthlight

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    Yeah, I guess. It's hard to really argue with the decision because she's the lead singer of the band. It just is a real bummer for the fans who enjoy hearing it live. I guess that is a selfish opinion to have though.
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  11. Cross posting this here from the other thread, because more people should read it:

  12. Bass0820


    Good, this means there’s room for other, better songs to make the set list from their vast category
  13. mercury

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    I always find it weird when people think that artists "owe" fans performances of certain songs or whatever... tickets don't come with a setlist guarantee y'all. that would defeat the purpose of a live show!
  14. AWasteOfATime


    considering how she had to give like a big ole disclaimer/speech before playing it every night on this tour, I get how it wasn't fun for her and totally don't blame her/the band for putting it down. you had plenty of time to see them play it. they have better songs. people grow up, and we should commend that.
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  15. Pepetito

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    Why would she need a big disclaimer?
  16. Kiana

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    Good for her. I can't imagine what dumbass bs I would've written when I was a teenager had I been in a band lol and it would suck to have to keep singing things I now realized were harmful and filled with internalized misogyny. Hayley should be able to make that choice and fans should respect it. The song has been on the setlist for years and people have had ample time to hear it. If fans wanna hear it they can still listen to the song on Spotify or whatever. Hayley has done what way more men should be doing and she's setting a great example.
  17. Zip It Chris

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    Many other bands should do the many bands have we grown up with that wrote immature songs in their teens/early 20's that no longer apply, and can actually be embarrassing for the writer of the song? Yes, Misery Business made them famous, but it's her song, and if she's done playing it, kudos for making the tough decision that would obviously receive backlash from the less open minded fans.
  18. farva2


    Misery business is what got me into paramore but I can bid farewell to it for these reasons. I do hope they pick a new song to bring someone up from the crowd though. My favorite part of any paramore set is seeing someone get to live out their fantasy and jam with the band for a few minutes.
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  19. DrownTheWorkforce


    I've never liked "Misery Business" that much anyways; it always felt so unnecessarily bratty in the same way that a lot of bad Fall Out Boy songs do. Hope they replace it with a song off their debut, as unlikely as that is
  20. Tim

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    I'm sorry, but did you even read the posts between your two posts in this thread? Just, like, please, put some effort into getting this instead of expecting someone to come in and convince you. That's how I, and many others, have learned and continued to learn.

    It's all available to you. All you have to do is actually care.
  21. TerrancePryor Prestigious

    Because no. Just because it was their token song, it doesn't mean they're going to keep playing it if Hayley has different feelings about it. Plenty of bands don't play their token song anymore. KMFDM haven't played "Juke Joint Jezebel" since 2003. To this day, people still get pissed when they don't play it.

    Also, Max Bemis did the same thing last year with "Wow, I Can Get Sexual Too." Same reasons as Hayley.

  22. personalmaps

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    How did “take one song they’ve played at every show for 11 years off the set” become “play 0 songs from Riot era” in your head, I am just wondering.
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  23. personalmaps

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    Like if we’re being serious Miz Biz is a BOTTOM tier Riot song, I would be okay with it being replaced with almost any other song on the album as a set staple. Are we really going to pretend it’s better than FAPIPO and Born For This? I won’t stand for it.
  24. Eclipse


    In addition to the very important discussion of social justice, a lot of people who do frequently attend their shows (as in like, try to make every tour that comes near them) don’t actually enjoy the song live anymore. The bringing fans on stage part was very cool but many said that overall the time it took to perform could be used to play 2 or 3 more songs and while it mostly ran fine, there was incidents on this last tour where a fan who wasn’t picked bypassed security to get on stage. Luckily it turned out to be just annoying than a threat but it’s something to think about.
  25. Analog Drummer


    I don’t know man, it’s a snapshot in a moment in a time of her life, just even swap some lyrics out on stage, say Bore perhaps.
    It’s such a fun song, but whatever, it’s their setlist I guess