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Paramore Back in the Studio

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Jan 11, 2022.

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    Paramore are back in the studio and have talked a little with Rolling Stone about their progress:

    Along with marking their first album in half a decade, Paramore’s next LP will also be the first Williams, Farro, and York have ever started and finished together as a trio. Noting he came in halfway through the making of After Laughter, Farro says, “It’s really exciting because the three of us have completely different strengths when it comes to creating. It’s making the music and just the whole process of making a Paramore album feel completely new.”

    As for the album’s sound, Williams says she and York had been reminiscing on some of their earliest influences well before they began writing the LP. But she’s quick to note that that doesn’t necessarily mean the group is necessarily plotting a “comeback ‘emo’ record.”

    “The music we were first excited by wasn’t exactly the kind of music we went on to make,” Williams says. “Our output has always been all over the place and with this project, it’s not that different. We’re still in the thick of it but some things have remained consistent from the start. 1) More emphasis back on the guitar, and 2) Zac should go as Animal as he wants with drum takes.”


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    massively looking forward to what they can produce like this. glad to hear they are in the studio.
  3. Everything about this article is wildly exciting
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    this over everything
  5. carlosonthedrums Jan 11, 2022
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    I'm here for Zac going full Animal. Big surprise.