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Discussion in 'Tour Forum' started by cricketandclover, Mar 21, 2018.

  1. tdlyon

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    As someone who's been to the tour already, the only two songs that stuck out that could have been swapped for something else were Casual Affair and Golden Days. Casual Affair just kind of seemed like a random choice but I've never been a fan of that song to be fair, and Golden Days kind of just felt like it should have been left with the last tour even though I love that song. Maybe replace those two with Let's Kill Tonight and But It's Better If You Do (wishful thinking there), along with adding Roaring 20s and the setlist would have been perfect imo

    Still an incredible show though
  2. cricketandclover

    Things have changed.

    Let’s Kill Tonight needed to go, badly.
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  3. DisloyalOrder

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    Let's Kill Tonight and Vegas Lights, IMO, have overstayed their welcome.
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  4. cricketandclover

    Things have changed.

    Agree on Vegas Lights, too
  5. ncarrab


    I’m stunned he dropped Better If You Do. That just seems like an absolute set list staple.
  6. thisisnotbrianm


    The show at MSG last night was incredible. Brendon is such a performer, and this production is so, so cool.
  7. dotKev

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    Philly tonight. Third time seeing them. Will miss Fever songs but should be a good time.
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  8. eight30


    I gave in and am currently trying to buy tickets for the show tomorrow off Criagslist, haha. I really don't want to miss this tour after missing the last one.
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  9. Kiana

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    I'm going next weekend. And pressed af still at Ticketmaster for glitching one me and not getting as good of seats as I couldve I HATE U TICKETMASTER
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  10. meggers


    Max Frost is listed as the opener in Houston, Dallas, and Tulsa instead of Arizona. Seems to be a recent change.
  11. ncarrab


    Two Feet is/was supposed to be the opener for the second leg of the US Tour.
  12. Phil507

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    The fuck?
  13. cricketandclover

    Things have changed.

    He seems to be OK and safe.
  14. ncarrab


    I just read his family confirmed he’s still alive. But someone who just posted that less than two hours ago definitely isn’t OK and safe, unfortunately.
  15. ncarrab


  16. Phil507

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    Glad he’s ok. I imagine touring might not be the healthiest thing for him to be doing in the near future. Hopefully he can take some time to get himself the treatment needed.
  17. heymattrick

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    Two Feet was supposed to play at Big Gig in Denver two weekends ago, and 20 minutes after his set was supposed to start, one of the DJs came out and said "the altitude got to him" and he couldn't play his set. He tweeted after the fact that due to his schizophrenia and anxiety, he couldn't perform. Definitely sad.

    On another note, I'm very excited to finally see this tour in Denver next week!
  18. Daniel182

    Cheers to the fact that we're not dead

    Wishing the best for him. That was very hard to read.
  19. ncarrab


    I just read through his tweets just in the past month - and much of it is very unsettling. Hopefully he gets all the help he needs. Sounds like touring is a very unsafe place for him.

    I was looking forward to see him open for PATD but I’d be surprised if he’s still on the bill.
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  20. cricketandclover

    Things have changed.

    He’s OK and safe compared to the alternative is what I meant
  21. smowashere

    I watched this unravel yesterday, and I’m really relieved that he’s still with us. Hoping he gets the support he needs. That note was very hard to read.
  22. Kiana

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    So saw the show and I will join the chorus (tee hee) who wishes they'd play a few more songs from the first two albums. The older songs got the biggest reception by far so I don't buy the youths won't enjoy it thing. And some songs like Hey Ma and Casual Affair got very tepid reactions at least around me and I feel like they could've been swapped out.

    But he was a fantastic performer and was v fun to watch.
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  23. JRGComedy

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    L.A. show was nuts. Setlist was dope and the floating piano was super cool.

    Also, I discovered that I know one of the string players, so that's super cool too.

    The fire during Crazy=Genius was really cool.
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  24. Xpertguy5


    Did VIP for this show last night. The house of memories is cool but you really only need to see it once. Panic played a massive set that was great as always. Overall I had a blast and I'm glad I'm seeing them again next leg of the tour
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  25. Kiana

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    I'm gonna be honest like. I thought I was past my fangirl days. But when Brendon was a few feet away walking by the crowd to that piano I might have lost it and screamed ok I thought I had grown since I was 14 but I have not.

    When I was 14 I saw Brendon walking down the street and screamed bloody murder in the car. I was always like wow how embarrassing. I'm not like that anymore. But apparently I am oop!!