Pale Waves – My Mind Makes Noises

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    Debut albums are tricky. On the one hand, they’re the first real look most people will take at your band. Sure, you’ve released a bunch of singles, maybe even a few EPs, but the actual debut album still seems to end up being where you take all the momentum you’ve had, and make a push to build a fan base around your music. So far, Pale Waves have been doing everything right. They’ve released a variety of songs, they’ve been building some buzz, and they have locked down the style they’re going for. On the other hand, getting a debut album right means finding a collection of songs that can keep those early adopters happy (since they’ve probably ov...

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  2. gbuffers


    I'm a huge fan of this band's work... so far. So much so that I haven't been that excited about a new band for a long time before them but that in turn means my expectations for the album are sky high. I feared exactly what you said Jason; that there would be great songs but not a great album as a whole. Interested to give this a full listen and will try to go in with an open mind of course.
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  3. Dust Of Fallen Rome


    This band is great. The perfect cheesy retro-pop band for this year. I'm super keen to give this a listen ASAP!