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Pale Waves – “Heavenly” Video

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Mar 19, 2018.

  1. Melody Bot

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  2. Delysid


    I like this band a lot but I can't help but feel like the instrumentals are The 1975 B-sides
  3. carrytheweird

    It’s because everything they’re doing vocally and instrumentally is derived from that band. It’s glaringly obvious and idk how more people don’t see it.
  4. Because people like that style of music.
  5. carrytheweird

    Being in the same genre of music and being a cookie cutter replica in every track is different to me.
  6. People said the same about P!atD once.
  7. carrytheweird

    What? What band even remotely did anything that sounded like A Fever You Can’t Out before them? Or a vocalist that has the lyricism Urie did in that genre?
  8. Heh. It’s funny when people miss entire eras of controversy and criticism in this music scene.
  9. carrytheweird

    Thanks for more conscending remarks without actually answering a single thing I asked. Clearly I was under a rock for years and am dumb/oblivious to so much because you didn’t care to back up what you said.
  10. I don't have any desire to relive and describe 2004-2006 again. You missed it. It happened. I don't have to convince you.
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  11. carrytheweird

    Nah, I didn't miss anything. You're making condescending, unnecessary defenses towards my criticism of this band because you're a fan. I was alive and fully functional throughout all of those years and don't recall anyone ever saying P!ATD was ever copying another band so blatantly as this one does The 1975.
  12. I'll bring this to the Panic! thread for you.
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  13. carrytheweird

    I don't care what the same 5-10 minions who back your every word have to say. I asked you for specific examples in regards to what you stated.
  14. carrytheweird

    Wow, you deleted my comment?
  15. No? What the fuck are you talking about?
  16. You don't care what Panic! at the Disco fans can point out to you?

    Cool, I'm not your Google. Go google Fever album reviews. Go talk to the people in the thread I just sent you to.

    Have fun! I'm not arguing about Panic at the Disco today.
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  17. carrytheweird

    I never asked you to be my fucking google. You're annoyingly cocky and self-righteous.

    You're not interested in backing up what you said to me, but you always have time to belittle users on your site. Even though it was a conversation YOU started.

    I respect what you do and for allowing me to have a platform to meet so many great people Jason, but you don't see the error in your ways at all on here.
  18. ...
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  19. Delysid


    jeez what happened here? haha sorry I remember everyone talking about how Panic sounded like fall out boy back in the day... that is what happened if ya missed it