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Owen – “Settled Down”

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Jun 17, 2016.

  1. Melody Bot

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  2. austindavispdx

    Still on this side of the grass

    Really looking forward to this album and hearing however The Tallest Man and Bon Iver contributed.
  3. benschuyler

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    God this is so good. How this guy writes song structures like this will forever be beyond me.
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  4. Cody Prestigious

    I would kill to be able to just throw together a structure like that. Jesus. Listened to the first Owen album last night, it's amazing. I think I might really love this project, probably shouldn't have slept on it for this long.
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  5. TedSchmosby


    So good. The full band sound sounds better than ever
  6. benschuyler

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    If I'm reading correctly it appears that the Bon Iver/Tallest Man connection is from S. Carey, who produced the record? Could be totally wrong but that's all I found.
  7. Cody Prestigious

    Whoa, S. Carey produced this? Consider me fucking super in.
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  8. austindavispdx

    Still on this side of the grass

    This is part of the press release:

    "Where Owen’s prior outings were almost entirely performed by Kinsella on his own, Carey brought in some of the Badger State’s finest players to add new flesh to his bare-boned songcraft. Kinsella, as usual, is up front on guitar, vocals, bass, drums, and bells, accompanied by Carey (keyboards, vocals, drums, bells) and such WI musicians as Zach Hanson, who also served as engineer on the record, violist Michael Noyce, pedal steel guitarist/keyboard player Ben Lester, horns player Andy Hofer, and bassist Jeremy Botcher, all of whom share credits including Bon Iver, S. Carey, and The Tallest Man On Earth. Together the combo crafts an expansive but still grounded backdrop for Kinsella’s candid confessionals."
  9. jco3


  10. joshuaharris


    Mike is my man crush.
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  11. The Lucky Moose

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    He's so fucking talented
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  12. Tom

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    Mike Kinsella and Sean Carey working together is something of my dreams.
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  13. sean_rugy

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    this is going to be special.
  14. This song is everything I love about Owen
  15. Cody Prestigious

    Haha, didn't you say that about the other track released off this record too? Or was that this one, just in the Owen thread.
  16. That post was about this one too. Haha
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  17. Bartek T.

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    Woah what, Sean Carey produced?! I'll need to listen to the single in a second, but this is a weird combo and that's awesome to hear there are Tallest Man and Bon Iver dropped somehow onto that album!
  18. Bartek T.

    D'oh! Prestigious

    Well, it's just wonderful!