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Owen – “Lost”

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, May 25, 2016.

  1. Melody Bot

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  2. [​IMG]
  3. Tom

    It's way too late, or much too early Prestigious

    Yet another release I'm extremely excited for.
  4. bnash

    Vintage Supporter

    I didn't know he was releasing anything, but apparently pre-orders just went up too. Polyvinyl Store
  5. wearethedead

    missing out

    Hell yes. New album out 29th July, this'll be a pre-order for sure.
  6. TedSchmosby


    the strings at the end sound great. i am so excited for this album
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  7. austindavispdx

    Still on this side of the grass

    Awesome! Was hoping this would come out this year. So many great releases. Really good song. Interesting to release the last track on the album though.
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  8. austindavispdx

    Still on this side of the grass

    "I just feel there are enough love songs playing at grocery stores – I can write about darker stuff." -Kinsella
    Ha, I like it.
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  9. TedSchmosby


    True, I listened to it assuming it was the first track from the album. Hmm...
  10. austindavispdx

    Still on this side of the grass

    I just remembered he did that with "One of These Days" too so it's probably something he finds funny, maybe.
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  11. Kennedy Prestigious

    Guitar at the beginning reminded me of "I Got High", which is like my favorite Owen song at this point. I'm so excited for this.
  12. joey-wan kenobi

    Happiness is a warm gun mama

    Always great.
  13. sean_rugy

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    2016 shows no signs of slowing down, and I'm all for it. excited for more Owen but this will probably get more play time in the fall. regardless, Mike is one of my favorite musicians and this new song is incredible.
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  14. austindavispdx

    Still on this side of the grass

    He's a staple in my fall and winter rotation. And nighttime. And lots of other times. But yeah, I agree.
  15. I assume I will have Blink-182's new album on repeat until this one is out. I wonder which one will hold my attention more.
  16. austindavispdx

    Still on this side of the grass

  17. I dunno man, haha. Blink-182 is my favorite band. Owen is in very close second. With both coming out in the same month, it's going to be hard to listen to BOTH of them on repeat all summer. But I guess since Blink comes out on the 1st of the month, I can listen to that album until the end of the month when Owen comes out, and then listen to that for awhile. July 2016 is a good time to be bradsonemanband, haha.
  18. austindavispdx

    Still on this side of the grass

    Haha understandable. Even IF the new blink album is really good, it just won't have the same impact on me as previous albums for obvious reasons (other than Neighborhoods). I think it will be a good follow-up to When Your Heart Stops Beating :P
  19. jpmalone4

    Stay Lucky Supporter

    I'm obsessed with this song right now, I keep replaying it.
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  20. austindavispdx

    Still on this side of the grass

    Pre-ordered just cause it's Owen. I love the cover/shirt.
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  21. I love me some Owen. Just wish he toured on his newer at all :concerned:
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