Overwatch (Blizzard, 2016) Video Game

Discussion in 'Entertainment Forum' started by Henry, May 31, 2016.

  1. Henry May 31, 2016
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    Figured since we are clogging up the Blizzard thread, we could just run a dedicated Overwatch one. Gonna list user info in the first post for ease of finding buddies. Just post your platform and gamertag and I'll add it to the list. Just tag me in your post.

    Henry - ecirht
    Nick - Blaze_XI
    scott - scottsurette
    SpyKi - II-SpyKi-II
    whitestkiduknow- ikanacanyon
    omgrawr- jrshull
    emotherapy- mexHybrid
    Wharf Rat- BenH1414
    Cameron- TraptinaTrunk
    DirtySanchez- knightedassassin
    Chris- properCRKS
    AFoolsGlory- Matty9400
    joe4th- J4thizzle
    MattNCheeze- CallMeAlaska35
    Fucking Dustin- JigsawECL
    nomemorial- Sharkboyyy

    Rob Hughes - ZzEPIC R0BzZ

    Dylan/DeviantRogue - SonofSnow#1468
    Richter915- Richter915#1409
    VincewithouttheE- DJKillzmo#1738
  2. aranea

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    hi everyone!
  3. Nick

    @fangclubb Supporter

    what up I'm here
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  5. Matt

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    Nerf this
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  6. Rob Hughes

    When I Was A Boy I Thought I Was A Fish

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  7. scottlechowicz

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    PS4: scottlechowicz

    I am not that good, but I am getting better! This is the first video game I have played in like 10 years. So fair warning!
  8. Rob Hughes

    When I Was A Boy I Thought I Was A Fish

    I hope you get the Bastion/Tobjorn combo later, how dare you.
  9. CobraKidJon

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    clutch game right now in Ilios where we won the first point and they won the second. They got to 99% on the third point meanwhile we were around the 50% captured. We decided to make one last push and we somehow managed to fend them off long enough to win the game. I finished with over 11,000 healing and 37 defensive assists. I was acting like a crazy man cheering on that victory in my room.
  10. Rob Hughes

    When I Was A Boy I Thought I Was A Fish

    How long you on for dude? Getting back fairly soon so might be able to play a few with ya if you're down
  11. Nick

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    can't believe henry nerfed the blizzard thread
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  12. SpyKi

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  13. Wharf Rat

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    oh ok
  14. CobraKidJon

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    I actually just got off for work so maybe later today.
  15. ikanacanyon

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    Here for this. My PSN is ikanacanyon!
  16. omgrawr

    That loneliness is not a function of solitude.

    PSN - jrshull

    Way addicted to this game right now.
  17. Richter915

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    Hi all :)

    My PC UN is Richter915#1409
  18. Emotherapy

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    Ps4: mexHybrid

    I'm looking forward to playing after work. I reconnected with a friend I haven't talked to in a while because I saw him playing and we partied up.
  19. Rob Hughes

    When I Was A Boy I Thought I Was A Fish

    Look at all these ps4 lameos:p
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  20. SpyKi

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    Playstation master race.
  21. Emotherapy

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    Wish I was playing on pc because I prefer mouse and keyboard for shooters but I don't have one that can run this.
  22. Wharf Rat

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    ps4 is BenH1414
  23. aranea

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    maybe if the game is cheap later down the line and y'all are still playing...maybe...maybe i'll get it on x1 as well. i dunno. haha. i play smite on both platforms already (tho xbox is like 80% of the time). XD
  24. Rob Hughes

    When I Was A Boy I Thought I Was A Fish

    Maybe one day it'll be one of the free games of the month ;)
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  26. scott

    kill the switch Moderator

    heroes never die
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  27. xkhiemster May 31, 2016
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    You can't take the sky from me. Prestigious

    PC xkhiemster#1674

    Ana (8/14): Citrine, Garnet, Peridot, Turquoise , Merciful, Ghoul, Tal, Wadjet
    Bastion (9/16): Dawn, Meadow, Sky, Soot, Rooster, Null Sector, Steambot, Dune Buggy, Stealth
    Brigitte (4/11): Bla, Plommon, Carbon Fiber, Mani
    D.Va (12/16): Blueberry, Lemon-Lime, Tangerine, Watermelon, Carbon Fiber, White Rabbit, Valiant, B.Va, Black Cat, Officer, Palanquin, Cruiser
    Doomfist (8/13): Daisy, Lake, Sunset, Painted, Blackhand, Irin, Talon, Formal
    Genji (6/15): Azurite, Cinnabar, Malachite, Ochre, Chrome, Baihu
    Hanzo (8/15): Azuki, Kinoko, Midori, Sora, Dragon, Demon, Okami, Cyberninja
    Junkrat (8/16): Bleached, Drowned, Irradiated, Rusted, Toasted, Firework, Scarecrow, Dr. Junkenstein
    Lucio (9/17): Azul, Laranja, Roxo, Vermelho, Synaesthesia, Andes, Ribbit, Equalizer, Jazzy
    McCree (12/18): Ebony, Lake, Sage, Wheat, Scrooge, Gambler, Riverboat, Vigilante, Lifeguard, Van Helsing, Magistrate, Blackwatch
    Mei (12/17): Chrysanthemum, Heliotrope, Jade, Persimmon, Snow Plum, Firefighter, Rescue Mei, Abominable, Mei-rry, Chang'e, Luna, Pajamei
    Mercy (15/18): Celestial, Mist, Orchid, Verdant, Amber, Cobalt, Eidgenossin, Fortune, Gladiators, Valkyrie, Devil, Winged Victory, Witch, Combat Medic Ziegler, Pink
    Moira (6/11): Fiery, Royal, Selkie, Whiskey, Minister, Oasis
    Orisa (6/13): Dawn, Plains, Sunrise, Twilight, Carbon Fiber, Protector
    Pharah (8/15): Amethyst, Copper, Emerald, Titanium, Jackal, Mechaqueen, Raptorion, Thunderbird
    Reaper (8/16): Blood, Midnight, Moss, Royal, Wight, Shiver, Biker, Pumpkin
    Reinhardt (9/16): Brass, Cobalt, Copper, Viridian, Paragon, Coldhardt, Lieutenant Wilhelm, Blackhardt, Greifhardt
    Roadhog (5/15): Mud, Sand, Thistle, Stitched, Junkenstein's Monster
    Soldier 76 (6/15): Jet, Olive, Russet, Smoke, Night Ops: 76, Alpine: 76
    Sombra (9/14): Cidro, Incendio, Mar, Noche, Glitch, Peppermint, Los Muertos, Cyberspace, Rime
    Symmestra (11/16): Cardamom, Hyacinth, Saffron, Technomancer, Utopaea, Vampire, Qipao, Vishkar, Dragon, Magician, Oasis
    Torbjorn (9/17): Bla, Citron, Gron, Plommon, Barbarossa, Viking, Santaclad, Chief Engineer Lindholm, Ironclad
    Tracer (11/17): Electric Purple, Hot Pink, Neon Green, Royal Blue, Posh, Sporty, Rose, Ultraviolet, Sprinter, Jingle, Cadet Oxton
    Widowmaker (8/16): Ciel, Nuit, Rose, Vert, Tricolore, Comtesse, Huntress, Kerrigan
    Winston (7/13): Atmosphere, Banana, Forest, Red Planet, Horizon, Explorer, Wukong
    Zarya (8/17): Brick, Goldenrod, Taiga, Violet, Dawn, Frosted, Siberian Front, Totally 80's
    Zenyatta (9/15): Air, Earth, Leaf, Water, Carbon Fiber, Harmonious, Skullyatta, Nutcracker, Sanzang