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Overcast 5 Is Here

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Sep 18, 2018.

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    Overcast, my favorite podcast player, has a great new 5.0 update. Federico Viticci reviewed it for MacStories:

    The most notable difference between the old Overcast and the updated version is the redesigned Now Playing screen. Page indicators and hidden gestures to navigate show notes and chapters are gone, replaced by a carousel of swipable cards containing effects, podcast artwork, show notes, and chapters (if available).

    It’s a nice update and I’m excited to try out the stand alone Watch playback.

  2. myawrld


    I loved Overcast but switched to Castro because I love the inbox feature. Castro has a very user friendly tab that houses each new episode for podcasts I subscribe to in chronological order. Overcast has a workaround option to create a playlist that will auto-add new episodes but was hoping to see something similar to Castro's inbox feature in a future release. I know this is obviously a picky preference - but whatever I'm the consumer - haha!

    I didn't see it detailed in this writeup but going to redownload and check it out to see if it might have been added.
  3. bodkins


    Love Overcast, excited to check out the update.