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Overcast 3.0

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Feb 21, 2017.

  1. Melody Bot

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    My favorite podcast client, Overcast, has had a big update for 3.0:

    Overcast 3 is now available, and it’s a huge update, mostly in the design and flow of the interface. I’ve been working on it since last summer, informed by over two years of testing, usage, and customer feedback.

    MacStories has as great review (and I don’t just say that because there’s a nice screenshot of Encore in it):

    The most notable visual and practical change in Overcast 3.0, however, is the new episode action tray. Inspired by Tweetbot’s tap-to-reveal action drawer in the timeline, Overcast’s action bar groups and simplifies actions that were previously hidden behind swipe gestures or other menus nested in an episode’s page. Upon tapping an episode in a list, Overcast will display buttons to share, star, play, add to queue, and delete the selected item.

    I spent all of yesterday listening to my favorite shows in the new version of the app, and it’s still by far my favorite way to listen to podcasts.

  2. rxbandit89

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    Alright, I'm going to give this a shot. Since my Podcast consumption has jumped 100 fold in the last few months, the disjointed nature of the default iOS Podcast app has become almost unbearable. I suppose it's time I see what's out there. The fact that this app is offering me a "Skeptic's FAQ" on the initial login screen is a good sign....
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  3. Elder Lightning

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    I miss being able to swipe and then click delete, it's just such a cleaner, simpler function. I do, however, like being able to reorder my playlist without clicking "Edit" first, and still enjoy the app overall.
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  4. Elder Lightning

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    I tried it after it was recommended on Encore a while ago and have never looked back. It's worth it for the "Smart Speed" function alone.
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  5. rxbandit89

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    What's Encore?

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  6. Olyphantastic Feb 21, 2017
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    "See you in the car! Best wishes" -Milhouse Supporter

    Love this app, was excited to see an update yesterday. I like the new look and UI pretty much across the board. Not hugely into needing two actions to play an episode with the addition of the action bar, but it doesn't severely dampen the experience. I don't really use playlists for podcast listening so haven't really checked out those features at all.
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  7. The app is fantastic and I love it on watchOS 3 as well. I love that there's a screenshot of Encore in the review :-)
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  8. omgrawr

    That loneliness is not a function of solitude.

    Overcast is great. I've been using it basically since I started listening to podcasts a couple years ago and I've never felt the need to check out any other podcast apps.
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  9. Mattww


    I've always used the Apple podcast app - is it worth changing over?
  10. sammyboy516

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    This app ALWAYS gives me the same problem; not even quite sure how to explain it. When I stop/pause a podcast and go back to resume it later it will almost always not resume properly. It either doesn't respond at all when play is pressed/I tap the episode or it will act like it is playing (the play button responds and turns into a pause button) but the progress bar doesn't change and no sound comes out. As a result, the app crashes all the time. It's an extremely frequent issue and has still been happening since the update to 3.0. The only reason I switched from Apple's podcast app was because I was having issues getting it to work properly with CarPlay (oddly, only with one specific podcast.) Now that that issue is solved I think I will just switch back. I honestly don't really see the benefit of overcast over Apple's app but to each their own.
  11. wrenleslie


    actually purchased access to the premium features quite a while back when it was recommended on Encore. They made everything free a couple weeks later, lol. It was worth it though, I love this app. It's always super satisfying to see how many hours smart speed has saved me.
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  12. Weird, you should definitely email/tweet Marco about that @marcoarment on Twitter. I've never seen that bug at all, the sync has been rock solid for me even when streaming (which I do on the desktop and then switch the mobile app). As to the benefits: I've saved 136 hours from SmartSpeed alone. That's days of my life.
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  13. sammyboy516

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    Guess I should reach out to him. It also regularly plays like a quarter second of audio after unpausing and then immediately re-pause by itself. Sometimes it does that several times in a row before actually playing. All of these things are particularly frustrating/distracting while driving.
  14. That sounds like a weird bug with something ... I've never heard of it or seen it myself.
  15. Olyphantastic

    "See you in the car! Best wishes" -Milhouse Supporter

    I've had the bug where sometimes when I resume playing a podcast the play/pause button will change like it's going to play but nothing happens and I have to fully close the app and relaunch it to get it to work...but that's only happened a couple times and it never caused any crashing...hasn't happened in the few days I've updated to 3.0 either.
  16. bodkins


    Apple's native podcast app is fucked. Its deleted my entire subscription (30+ shows) twice now and constantly crashes. Guess it's time to make the switch.
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  17. Tylar


    Been using this app for a year on Jason's recommendation, it's great!
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  18. coleslawed

    Eat Pizza

    add to queue is so wonderful.
  19. Beholdtheriver


    My only complaint. I subscribe to a lot of podcasts like Channel 33 that have multiple niche pods within (i.e. The Bachelor, Video Games, Premier League Soccer, Pro Wrestling, etc...) For those, I like to subscribe to all podcasts then delete the ones I don't want to listen to. I think having both the swipe function to delete and the two click function would work. Oh well.

    Very minor complaint compared to how great the app is!
  20. Neon Light

    rage and love

    This happens to me sometimes but only once and then it works fine. It hasn't been a big deal for me.