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Out of Service – Morning

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Mar 23, 2018.

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    When Out of Service burst onto the scene last year with What We Bring With Us, it was the sound of a band indebted to the sounds of the early 2000s. Bands like Jimmy Eat World, Cartel, and Taking Back Sunday had left fingerprints all across the EP, making for a pleasant if not entirely unique introduction to the New Jersey band. Still, the energy and talent on display were undeniable, and thankfully, on Morning, Out of Service have come into their own.

    While there was a healthy dose of pop-punk What We Take With Us, that’s been almost entirely dropped in favor of straight-ahead alt-rock. The decision is a welcome one and allows the band to expand the boundaries of their sound, like on the jittery “Two Anchors,” which opens up into a dark and heavy chorus – the most aggressive moment in the band’s discography. It would never have fit on their debut, but it’s executed seamlessly here. When the band does return to their pop-punk sound on this record, like “Kestrel,” the results are great. “Kestrel” is the catchiest song the band’s written, with a sugary hook and a vocal performance reminiscent of Vendetta Red’s Zach Davidson.

    The album reaches an apotheosis in closer “The Thing We Want the Most,” which ties together all the sounds the band’s explored in their fifteen-song catalog. It shifts from a monster of a hook to a soft twinkling bridge and back with ease, in five and a half minutes traversing all the peaks and valleys of Out of Service’s sound. It’s the best song they’ve released yet. It’s exciting to wonder where Out of Service might go next, especially since they’re only getting started.