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Our Family Name

Discussion in 'Music Forum' started by Evan, May 13, 2017.

  1. Evan


    This band is far too incredible for literally no-one to know about. It pains me to know they have disbanded. Long story short, they released an album called "Begin at the Beginning" that never even got released. It was produced by Aaron Marsh of Copeland who I reached out to regarding their status and he said the band kind of all got upset with each other and split ways. This sucks however because with their talent and Aaron's producing I honestly believe they made an album that rivals some of Copeland's work. Blasphemy I know but please go give them a listen on youtube or wherever you find their music. My only hope is if enough people hear their music they will move past any differences to make music together once again and worst case I just gave you an incredible new album to listen to on repeat!

  2. Evan


    Please post your thoughts and let me know if you dig their music. I have the entire album to which is available NO WHERE!!! I can make arrangements to send it to you if you really dig these guys. Thanks for reading :)
  3. SmashRipsaw

    Outcast Tape Infirmary

    Reminds me of ESR era Copeland. Too bad they couldn't stay together.