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Oral History of the 2005 Warped Tour

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Jun 22, 2018.

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    Chris Payne, writing over at Billboard:

    Fall Out Boy and My Chemical Romance played Warped in ‘04 and after drawing fervent crowds, were signed on for the next year early; by the time June ‘05 rolled around, “Sugar, We’re Goin Down” and “Helena” were MTV staples, improbably climbing the Hot 100. 700,000 kids came out that summer, more than any Warped before or since (for context, last year pulled 300,000). Individual bands regularly sold over $30,000 of merch per day. Bodyguards were needed for the first time. At summer’s end, the tour’s profits hit seven figures. But Warped’s summer-long slog paid another price; across 48 shows in 59 days, musicians and personnel grappled with oversized egos, volatile — if not occasionally hostile — environments, and a sideshow’s worth of distractions far from home, with a massive mainstream audience suddenly watching.

  2. House Of Wolves


    Lots of cool MCR insight here.
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  3. Blimp City Hero Jun 22, 2018
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    Blimp City Hero

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    Good read. That day was one of the best concert days I've ever had. Literally all my favorite bands at the time were on one show. I had to go to three days of it to even see every band I liked on the tour.

    Edit: I looked into it and had no idea that was Paramore's first actual tour date in Cleveland. I was literally there from the start by loving them when I found them on PureVolume. This makes me feel so old because I still have the Paramount-style shirt from their FBR pre-sale that, mind you with the album too, was $15. They were playing a little tour van that folded out to become a stage, had maybe 15 people intently watching, and still killed it.
  4. youll be fine

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    Very interesting read. I wonder what newer bands Spencer had in mind when he took a slight dig at how bands act on Warped now
  5. theasteriskera

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    I lived in the middle of nowhere & knew no one with similar music tastes, & got my license the summer after this. I watched Warped Wednesday on Fuse all summer long, this lineup was so good. This was a great read
  6. aniafc


    The part where Lyman talks about paying FOB $1500 per show while dropkick and the offspring got $15,000-$17,000 per show is incredible
  7. Sean Murphy

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    warped wednesdaysssss with Steven!

    the good old days
  8. AMC


    Chris Payne from Chicago q101 radio fame?
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  9. Jeff Morris

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    This was the last Warped Tour I attended. It really did feel like a peak compared to the prior few years.
  10. daldalian

    hopelessly yours, Alabama

    I was there for 05-08 and it was easily the highlight of the summer back then.
  11. justin.

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    08 was my first and favorite Warped Tour.
  12. chewbacca110

    He wrenches on it. He thinks it's his.

    Only went to 2004 and 2005. Seeing a little-known band I just discovered called Coheed and Cambria open Warped at 11:30am with "In Keeping Secrets" to about 60 of us was absolutely life-changing.
  13. cricketandclover

    Things have changed.

    I think whoever said that is sort of embellishing a little bit. They did a tour opening for Copeland/Anberlin in the spring of 2005.
  14. Brent

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    Truscott: Our highest day was $60,000, which to my knowledge, is a record that’s yet to be beaten by any band on Warped. It was in Detroit, a 30,000-person show at the Silverdome. Headed to banks on days off, our tour manager would be like, “What’s in your backpack? You can’t walk to the bank with $250,000 on you!”

    legit LOL'd at that
  15. tobytobes


    I really want to know who the druggie band was that took Underoath cash, and the band that got threatened for threatening the security guards wife.

    Really cool read though!
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  16. Kuri44


    05 warped was legendary. I remember being so surprised seeing that Gerard cut his hair lol and he was wearing a bulletproof vest which I thought was the coolest thing. Seeing them, fall out boy, hello goodbye, motion city soundtrack, mxpx, the offspring, transplants, etc. so good
  17. marceting


    Warped TOur 05 was my first year and it was life changing. Amazing bands all day, crowds we're absolutely wild. Less Than Jake had 5 or 6 HUGE circle pits going, it was chaos!
  18. Sean Murphy

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    I went 04-08 and 05 was far and away the best one i was ever at. MCR right as the sun was going down, adam lazzara coming out at the end of helena, the place went bonkers. FOB closed out the night from what i remember. Saw motion city soundtrack play on a side-stage that was essentially a picnic table.
  19. MikeERayner


    I worked my ass off in 2004 and the first half of 2005 to fly from Australia and hung out in SoCal for a month. Spent 3 weeks in LA and 1 in San Diego. Went to the 4 SoCal Warped stops and pretty much went to a show every night for the month. Absolutely incredible month.
    That 2005 lineup is just insane. Then you think about what albums the bands were touring for and it seems even better.
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  20. AndrewSoup

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    "I had a boxset of the Charmed DVDs. Gerard came by asking what they were about. I’m like, “It’s about witches that own a bar,” and he was like, “I can get behind that.” "
    lmao, i love Gerard
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  21. jmwhit04

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    LTJ played in 2004 and 2006, but not in 2005.

    The Smartpunk stage in 2005 was so fucking sick on top of all the main stage acts: Gratitute, Emery right at their peak, Darkest Hour, This Day and Age, Gatsbys American Dream, Armor for Sleep, Boys Night Out, Accetpance and a few more. Plus The Bled, god the Bled were the shit back then.
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  22. MikeERayner


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  23. simonthebutler


    2005 was mine and my Wife's (then Girlfriend) first Warped Tour we flew over from Manchester, England on our first ever holiday together. We went to Randall's Island in NYC and it was a super hot day and the venue was a dust bowl. We watched bands all day long, drinking $2 refills of lemonade in the baking sun. It is still one of the best days of our lives. Looking back the lineup was super stacked and there are bands who we had no idea of at the time that we are super into now. And then to finish the day off there was an aftershow with Hawthorne Heights/Funeral For A Friend and Saosin at CBGBS that despite being covered from head to toe in dust, burnt to a crisp from the sun and super tired i am forever thankful that we went to given what ended up happening to the venue.
  24. simonthebutler


    I would hazard a guess at Mest as the drug band but that is a very big guess based on nothing more than them being very very rough and in a very early slot on the NYC date.
  25. domotime2

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    2005 was sorta the beginning of the end... or the beginning of the new era for warped... it still had an awesome blend of punk and emo-core/pop punk, but after this, the old punk acts stopped appearing, kids music taste changed, and became a much more post-hardcore centric festival.

    2003 is king