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Ontario Opens Second Largest North American Vinyl Pressing Plant

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Jul 8, 2016.

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    Kerry Doole, writing for FYI Music News, looks at a new vinyl pressing plant opening in Ontario. The plant will be the second largest in North America:

    The company has been pressing vinyl in Prague since January, filling orders for Universal and Sony Canada plus some independent labels. “In phase one we can do 4.5 million units out of the Burlington plant plus 2 million from the Czech plant,” says McGhee. “We’ve already put phase two into motion and that is adding five new automated presses. That’ll put us over the 11 million mark, making us the second largest plant in North America. We’ve already bought a plant in the US based in the Midwest and there’ll be a west coast plant so we’ll have three in North America.”

  2. Maybe vinyl wait times might actually get shorter and therefore records have more time to be mixed/mastered post-recording? A man can hope.
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    Been hearing about this for a while since it's not too far from me. It's great news and hopefully takes the pressure off the other plants.
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    Better question, will they be willing to give tours? I'm just across the border and would love to go see it.