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One Week Into Spotify’s New Conduct Policy: Penalized Artists See Streams Drop

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, May 21, 2018.

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    In the six days since XXXTentacion’s “SAD!” was removed from Spotify’s playlists including RapCaviar, where it held prominent placement, the track’s streams dropped 17 percent per day in the United States on average. That continued rate of decline, Billboard estimates, could cost the rapper as much as $60,000 in revenue in a year from — roughly equivalent to the United States’ median household income — from one song on one service in the U.S. alone.

  2. smowashere

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    That's awesome.
  3. Brent

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    [sarcasm] Oh noooooooo [/sarcasm]
  4. tyramail

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    Dang, that’s even more of an impact than I expected.
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  5. lightning


  6. cwhit

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    playlists are huge for the average folk

    playlists are the new radio
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  7. Stephen Young

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    playlists are pretty much the only successful organic way to grow your audience now (aside from constant touring I guess), so this is big. it'll be interesting to see which artists they decide to apply this to moving forward. I think it's only 3 artists now that have been affected?
  8. Signifire

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    This is a much needed step in the right direction from music streaming services. Good work Spotify. Now take them off music streaming services altogether.
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  9. AngryMan


    Did anyone read the article? While Spotify's collective head/heart is in the right place, the execution of this policy is questionable. Super slippery slope. Who stays on playlists and who doesn't? So far, only black artists are being removed.
  10. somethingwitty


    Awesome...can we now get Chris Brown on this list as well?
  11. Ska Senanake


    U goomba u
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  12. GrandAce


    A conceptually good idea that has so many barriers for a proper execution that I don't know if it should be implemented or not.
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  13. Stephen Young

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    i briefly thought of this too, but at the end of the day this is basically the "we can't take everyone's guns away so no point enacting any gun control at all" line of thinking. at the end of the day, this is better than nothing, and the three artists who've been singled out are three artists who definitely deserve to be blacklisted anyways.
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  14. Hazelnutsack


    FUCK extended tentacle and his prepubescent surface level trash rap, Spotify is definitely winning brownie points with me by taking steps no other streaming service has taken before them which gives me some hope.
  15. Apple Music and Pandora No Longer Promoting R. Kelly •
    Now, a source close to the matter tells Pitchfork that Apple Music also begun to stop promoting R. Kelly in featured playlists over the past several weeks. The decision was made quietly, and it pre-dates Spotify’s announcement. Kelly’s music has been pulled from Apple Music-curated playlists such as “Best Slow Jams of the 90s, Vol. 1” and Vol. 2. (Kelly is prominently featured in the artwork for the playlists, but his music is no longer in them.)
  16. TerrancePryor Prestigious

    Seriously. Even with the trash he pulled, people still made his new album the number one album in the country. Pulling his stuff from Spotify playlists won't put a dent in his career. Controversy creates cash.
  17. Hazelnutsack


    They only did this after Spotify did, didn’t they? I said taking steps nobody took before them for a reason, it seems like they were the first to take the dive into being socially conscious with their playlists as well as booting blatantly supremacist bands off of the service altogether.
  18. Read the italics.
  19. Hazelnutsack


    I don’t have time to read! Also I’m illiterate
  20. CyberInferno

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    I agree that not promoting them is the right step, but I disagree about removing the music. I don't want Apple and Spotify telling me who I'm allowed to listen to. If I choose to listen to music by shitty people, that's my choice.

  21. :efu:
  22. TerrancePryor Prestigious

    This isn't Spotify's fault. As long as people still listen to XXXTentacion and got to his shows, he won't take a hit unless the court gets involved.
  23. CyberInferno May 25, 2018
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    So literally nothing changed about the situation, and they just caved because people complained? That's disappointing.