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One of the Last Interviews With Anthony Bourdain

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Jul 19, 2018.

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    One of the last interviews with Anthony Bourdain has been published. It’s full of wonderful anecdotes and stories:

    I do find that my happiest moments on the road are not standing on the balcony of a really nice hotel. That’s a sort of bittersweet — if not melancholy — alienating experience, at best. My happiest moments on the road are always off-camera, generally with my crew, coming back from shooting a scene and finding ourselves in this sort of absurdly beautiful moment, you know, laying on a flatbed on those things that go on the railroad track, with a putt-putt motor, goin’ across like, the rice paddies in Cambodia with headphones on… this is luxury, because I could never have imagined having the freedom or the ability to find myself in such a place, looking at such things.

    To sit alone or with a few friends, half-drunk under a full moon, you just understand how lucky you are; it’s a story you can’t tell. It’s a story you almost by definition, can’t share. I’ve learned in real time to look at those things and realize: I just had a really good moment.

  2. justin.

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    I need to watch more of his episodes on Netflix
  3. pbueddi


    im through season one so far. absolutely fantastic show.
  4. justin.

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    It is. I wish he would have written a book about his experiences and interviews with people so that I wouldn’t have to sit on Netflix for so long.
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  5. Iamhollywood315


    Some of the best content you will ever watch. It’s full of rich political history interwoven in food and culture told in a beautiful story every episode. I’m still crushed he’s gone.
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  6. noKings


    just started Kitchen Confidential... it's good.