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One of Our Users Is Looking for a Kidney Donor

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Sep 5, 2016.

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    One of the users on our site, emt0853, recently made a post in our forums about looking for a kidney donor, and I just wanted to take a moment to give the story a little boost:

    My journey began in 2007 and I had high hopes that this journey would be a short one. I received the most selfless gift I could imagine, developed a random blood clot happens in LESS than .01% of patients and it didn’t work out. Since then, I’ve had a million ups and downs it seems. Other family illness, personal illness, marriage, and school. I’m finally at the point that I can try again to take the steps to get back to a normal life and get away from dialysis.

    During a consultation with Dr. Mikel Prieto, a nephrologist with the Kidney Transplant Program at Mayo Clinic, the suggestion was made to use social media to help my cause of finding a live kidney donor. He believes that I will do much better with a live donor instead of a cadaver donor. (Though not impossible, the wait would be much longer) Since I am younger, he believes this is my best option. Things have changed in the last 7 years, live donor kidneys can last upwards of 30 years.

    If you have a few seconds, please read the post. Thank you.

  2. emt0853

    Trusted Supporter

    Never in a million years did I think that I'd be reaching out on social media/the internet for this. I'm always willing to share my story but this post was a difficult one to make.

    Thank you every single person that takes the time to read this and thank you if you decide (even if you dont!!) to fill out the questionnaire.

    From the bottom of my heart, thank you thank you thank you.
  3. emt0853

    Trusted Supporter

    Adding a little bit of detail. My blood type is A+. I can accept a donor from either A or O, positive/negative doesn't matter.

    There is also a system called "paired donation". Basically, if you want to donate to me and are not a match, you could donate to someone who is. They would in turn have a match for me.

    2016 is amazing.
  4. maxracer


    i will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. i hope the stars align and you receive the treatment best for you
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  5. Nate_Johnson

    CCRN, MSN Prestigious

    My heart goes out to you and I wish you the best in your journey. I take care of people daily that are on dialysis and CVVH and know the burden it is on them and their daily lives.

    Just a question: You are on some sort of list I assume for an organ donor and are up there pretty high I am sure considering you age. Even if someone on here could donate and did, would it not necessarily go to you and someone higher on the list? I know organ donation rules differ from state to state.

    Either way, I wish you the best and know you will find that donor!
  6. emt0853

    Trusted Supporter

    First of all, thank you a million times for the kind words.

    The committee actually meets on Wednesday to determine if I'm listed in MN. (Region 7 I believe).

    I'm a little confused. Is your question asking if you choose to donate to me, will the kidney go to me or someone higher? I hope that is how I'm understanding this.

    If you were a match for me and chose to donate, the kidney would come to me.

    Sorry if that was confusing!
  7. Nate_Johnson

    CCRN, MSN Prestigious

    No, you were very clear! I was just clarifying on the way things would go.
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  8. emt0853

    Trusted Supporter

    Yeah I know every state works differently. Honestly, the rules and such have changed so much since I first got sick in 2007.
  9. teebs41

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    Reiterating what I said in the other threads. That I dinstead a kidney a year ago and it was one or the best decisions of my life. While make no mistake it can be a slightly complicated process but it's definitely worth it. Wish you the best of luck finding a donor!
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  10. emt0853

    Trusted Supporter

    And I will reiterate as are AMAZING! I can't thank you guys enough for all the kindness and @Jason Tate for putting this out there.
  11. Mazzzzzz


    I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. I had a lung transplant myself, I know this wait is hard as hell. I'll direct everyone I can to your survey.
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  12. Michael Buffone


    So I just went to take the survey, and had no idea that I couldn't be a donor because of being on medication for high blood pressure. That sucks, and I'm really sorry.

    I'm going to spread this around everywhere I can though.
  13. emt0853

    Trusted Supporter

    Thank you!! And yeah, that would disqualify you because the top 2 causes of kidney failure are high blood pressure and diabetes. They won't remove one kidney if you are predisposed.
  14. SuNDaYSTaR


  15. emt0853

    Trusted Supporter

    Paired donation is a crazy thing, and I did consent to that while I was doing my evaluation last week.
  16. sean_rugy

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    sending you a DM. I work for the National Kidney Foundation based out of NYC. although, we do not directly pair people with donors we have a massive amount of resources available for people who are looking for a kidney. we can even find you a "buddy" to talk to who is having the same experience as you. we are working everyday to bring to light importance of being a living donor.

    thank you @Jason Tate for posting this on the main page. kidney health is something that everyone should be aware of because it affects 29 million americans today with millions more at risk.

    if anyone else knows someone struggling with kidney disease please reach out to me.
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  17. sean_rugy

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    we need more people like you in the world.
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  18. geauxtigers

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    My wife donated her kidney to her father almost 10 years ago. It saved his life and has given him more years to spend with us. Good luck to you!
  19. sean_rugy

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  20. emt0853

    Trusted Supporter

    That really is fascinating, @sean_rugy !

    Just a quick update to my situation. I emailed my nurse today just to see if we've had any possible donors and she said "multiple" if any of you are in that...THANK YOU!!!!
  21. Damien Davies

    One more time Supporter

    I really hope it all works out for you
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  22. jorbjorb

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    best of luck emt. I hope you get a donor.
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  23. emt0853

    Trusted Supporter

    Thank you everyone!!

    Trying to keep this thread relevant!
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  24. teebs41

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    Any luck yet??
  25. emt0853

    Trusted Supporter

    Well a friend just informed me a nurse called her. She called back but is playing phone tag. That kinda happens alot there, the patient volume is unreal.

    But since they keep everything separate, I really won't have concrete details on any matches until after blood work is done
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