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    Saw this for my 5th time last night - my first time in IMAX
  2. Marx&Recreation Aug 24, 2019
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    Of all the scenes to mimic lol
  3. jbaseball44

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    saw it for the 4th time today. definitely top 3 QT for me, really adore everything about it. gets more haunting and hits deeper with each new viewing
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  4. RyanRyan

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    Just seen this. Whilst it was a slow burn, my god did it pay off. And coincidentally I’d JUST finished watching Season 2 of Mindhunter, which focuses on the Manson murders a little. I didn’t know much about it prior and I’m glad I had this knowledge going into it. Excellent film.
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  5. Morrissey


    I went to see it again because we are all sitting around waiting for Dorian. Spoiler phobia is so strange to me, because I can enjoy a film a lot more when I know what is going to happen. Instead of waiting for the inevitable ending that you know has to happen given the historical context, you can just enjoy Tarantino's ode to the Golden Age of Hollywood.
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    The reason I like to avoid spoilers is because it's very fun to be surprised during a movie and you only get to have that experience once. I'll never get the same reaction to Leo coming out with the flamethrower at the end. The entire climax was so fun to watch unfold not knowing what was going to happen.

    So while I agree that knowing how the film progresses will probably help me enjoy the film as a whole more on my future watches, I still very much value my initial blind watches of films.
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    You really don’t have to explain yourself wrt this, there’s absolutely nothing wrong or strange whatsoever with wanting to avoid spoilers.
  8. Morrissey


    Sharon Tate's scenes are more interesting, as you no longer see her as the sacrificial lamb in a slasher film but rather can watch the ways in which Tarantino tries to show her as a budding actress who is reacting to the changes in her life. She is both more famous than the average person (everyone at a party knows who she is) but less famous than she thinks she is (the movie theater employees not recognizing her).
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    I definitely understand being able to appreciate a movie more on the second go around but I want to go into everything blind on the first watch. Is this even a conversation that needs to be had
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    For me it's what constitutes a spoiler, knowing twists is different from knowing the plot which I personally need to know before seeing a movie
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    We’re gonna keep having it anyway if people continue to misunderstand it

    Criticism of “spoiler culture” or “spoiler-phobia” is the critique of vocal people who throw fits in circumstances where benign plot details are revealed or debate that a trailer is showing “spoilers” or that someone expressing that they liked a movie online is a “spoiler”.
  13. Morrissey


    It is fun watching Rick Dalton talk about how awful he thinks Spaghetti Westerns are, especially since Tarantino has always had so much fondness for them and Ennio Morricone. He also makes sure to have the narrator specify that he was working with the second-best Italian director in order not to blemish the good name of Sergio Leone.
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    He even put a spaghetti western poster up at the movie theater and it technically didn't release in the US until 1970.
  15. Morrissey


    Why does Rick have that hideous painting of himself in the driveway? I would hate to see that every time I left or came home.
  16. Jake Gyllenhaal

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    It's almost as if Hollywood actors are some sort of self-loving narcissists ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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  17. Morrissey


    Did you see the way his skin is folding against his chin? They took a conventionally attractive man and made him look absurd.
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    im not sure why I can't recall now, but the opening credits come over a shot of a painting with a mouth where you're not really sure if it's smiling for grimacing, is that the same painting of Rick or something different altogether?
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    I can see someone like Rick being pissed when he sees the mural, but keeping it because the artist or someone tricked him into thinking it was some glorious larger than life version of himself.
  20. Given how pissed he was at the cutout of him with the double chin in the Red Apple cigs commercial, there has to be a story behind liking that painting of him in the driveway.
  21. RyanRyan Sep 5, 2019
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    faint metronome on my left side

    Maybe it’s his impression of himself and how his ability to act has tanked and his health is declining. Like that’s how he sees himself now. That’s what he sees every day he comes home. This embarrassing failure.

    Maybe the mural looks great but his perception of it has gradually changed with his failing career.
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  23. aoftbsten

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    I didn't really love the way Hateful Eight played out as a miniseries. I think this one could work a lot better though.
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    Saw this today, and was pretty happy with it. Felt a little rambly at times, but it set up the climax of the film well.
  25. jorbjorb

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    Saw this movie on the weekend and loved it.
    Especially the ending.