On The Basis Of Sex (Mimi Leder, December 25,2018) Movie

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    “On the Basis of Sex” centers around Ruth Bader Ginsburg (Felicity Jones) as a young lawyer as she teams up with her husband, Martin D. Ginsburg (Armie Hammer), to bring a case before the U.S. Court of Appeals that will overturn a century of gender discrimination. The supporting cast includes Justin Theroux, Sam Waterston, Jack Reynor, and Kathy Bates as civil liberties lawyer Dorothy Kenyon.

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    yes yes yes
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    this is a pretty standard biopic/law movie but not necessarily in a bad way, except for a few times where they say the name of the film and whenever RBG says her name it always feels like a wink
    I think grounding the movie in 2 periods in RBG's life focused it, and I liked how they incorporated the political movements of the 70s
    Felicity Jones and Armie Hammer were great and had great chemistry, Sam Waterston and Justin Theroux are so good at playing dicks, Cailee Spaeny did a great job too and it's always nice seeing Stephen Root
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    Really felt this was special. The cast was amazing in their roles and I never felt things got dull.
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    Definitely gonna see this sometime this weekend.
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    I liked this a whole lot. I wanna watch RBG now.
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    This was surprisingly really good, and I didn't think it was trite at all, which is a worry I always have with biopics. Really like how it was rooted in the 70s movements, and did a good job of making the legal arguments interesting (even if it wasn't as technical as I'd hoped, especially from the "bad" side).
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    I thought this was a really good film. Thoroughly enjoyed it!

    Just seen if beale street could talk as well last night, makes you wonder how mental it was not so long ago!