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Omnifocus App • Page 3

Discussion in 'Technology Forum' started by Jesse Atticus, Apr 9, 2016.

  1. You could write a script to do it, but I don't think there's another way that I know of.
  2. Brenden

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  3. Brenden

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    I’m to lazy to find the blog posts etc but OF3 has basically been announced for a 2018 release.
  4. maryp1603

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    I use Todoist for everything. Can anyone give insight into what makes this better?
  5. Brenden

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    I’ve never used todoist but I think this is a little more powerful/customizable etc. honestly it’s really made for super power users and while I like it I’m pretty sure I’m no where near tapping into its true potential in terms of productivity
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  6. Brenden

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    Omni Roadmap 2018 - The Omni Group

    - Multiple tags
    - More precise repeating tasks (eg. Every third Tuesday of the month)
    - Shared tasks
    - flexible notifications
    - Web app (subscription)

    I’m excited for all of these. Especially the flexible notifications. I rarely use due dates and I wish I would wake up and see notifications for what I want to get done that day.
  7. Brenden

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    So I’ve started using Todoist on my Windows works machine and there are two real issues I have with it. The first is there isn’t a true native app for the desktop. It’s just the website in a wrapper for both windows and Mac. Its frustrating that I can’t drag emails into it to create tasks. The outlook plugin-in sort of sucks imo opinion because I have to open the todoist tab and then go to inbox where there is a link that lets me add email as task. You would think that a plug in would have more power within the app to speed up that process.

    My second issue is the lack of defer/start dates. I love the today view it provides as I have 11+ actual projects I work on so simple tasks I need a system that lets me defer them. I’ve started using due as my defer date and then if I don’t finish it by the end of the day I’ll move it to another day. Not exactly how I’d like to do as I like due to be my no shit this needs to be done by then. I don’t find the flags help me that much.

    That said I think contexts (soon to be tags) are important to actually be productive and that being being a subscription based paywall sucks on todoist. Luckily there are a ton of premium codes that aren’t hard to find on reddit so I have premium until next summer.

    I do like the natural language processing it does and the fact that you can repeat tasks in a way that just isn’t on this specific date or at a specific interval. Doing ever 3rd Friday is key for some of my work.

    Reading that blog post it does appear that OF3 will do all those things I’ve wanted in the application.