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Discussion in 'General Forum' started by Tim, Mar 11, 2016.

  1. Tyler

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    It takes me about two weeks from a full shave back to a beard.

    This took about 6 months?

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  2. [​IMG]
    two weeks ago before I trimmed

    today, two weeks after I trimmed. I took off more than I wanted to, so now I'm trying to let it grow while keeping it even.
  3. Evolution Kid

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    Have yet to actually trim the beard yet aside from cleaning up the edges along the cheek and neckline. I shampoo/condition it two or three times a week, and use the beard butter some one posted earlier in the thread to "soften" it a bit. Started growing it Nov. 1. Had a beard previous to that but I shaved it to mutton chops for a Wolverine costume I did for Halloween this year, and then shaved it for a fresh start on the 1st. So just over five months to this point.
  4. Wobbie Apr 5, 2016
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    I miss my beard :uhoh:

    Last September:

    A couple of days after that, i trimmed it to thick stubble:

    Then shaved it all off.

    I regret it. Though it's too much effort to grow it again. Took a few months. Plus my Mum hated it, and her constant nagging whenever i visited was annoying.
  5. Adam

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    Beard game strong... and already going grey.

    Had kept it fairly trimmed until January when I decided to go all out. Still unsure if I can manage the upkeep - I don't know if I can tame it.
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  6. I shaved today, and in doing so, have shamed you all.
  7. Aaron Mook

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    Henry: You have been voted out of this thread. Please pack up your things and leave.

    *Survivor music plays*
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  8. SeeTheLights

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    At the point of trying to grow mine really long and thick. I usually get to a point where it looks awful and like curly pubes, but I'm trying. I feel like it just stops growing at a certain point where it doesn't get to Santa-ish level. Just staying thick and close to my face.

    Also currently use the Lush beard wash which is great.

    Also, might be a dumb question. But for trimmers and that sort of thing, the more expensive trimmers are going to make your beard look nicer for trims then the cheaper ones right? Currently have a pillips one that is like 30 dollars but it gets the job done
  9. jkauf

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    Just got these, loving them.
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  10. SeeTheLights

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    Pretty dead thread sadly now, but to get some activity anyone that has a bread should check out the brand Shear Revival. They do mostly pomades but also have beard products like balms and beard oils. The creator of it Zachary West is actually real active in the music scene and is in the band Athletics, great brand of stuff and and products for sure.

    Shear Revival Grooming & Beauty Co.
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  11. Malatesta

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    i'm bald
  12. ghostxvapor

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    I use Lush products on my beard. Kalamazoo face/beard wash a few days a week. I'll have to check out some of the stuff you guys use
  13. DoseofTerror


    Give me a Guiness or a Murphy's and I'm a happy camper.

    EDIT: hahahahhahaha oops...thought it said BEER
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  14. EngineDown

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    Pretty weak game compared to most of y'all but I try to trim it up fairly often, usually once a week
  15. EngineDown

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    going in to my barber for a trim today, never had someone else do it for me before

  16. billyboatman

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    I'll have to post my 10 month(er) later haha.
  17. RJ Knorr

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    I decided to let it grow this winter

  18. sawhney[rusted]2

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    First time there a starter park per day people would recommend? Or maybe a grouping of a few products that I may need? Some of the recommendations here look great!
  19. SeeTheLights

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    I'm on my phone right now but let me get back to to you and get some recs that I use personally
  20. sawhney[rusted]2

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    Thanks! No rush!
  21. SeeTheLights

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    So I would recommend two products depending on the length of your beard now. Actually 3 probably lol.

    First, I would recommend a beard wash. I use this one from Lush - Kalamazoo Beard and Facial Wash

    I don't use it every day, but you can if you want. I use it maybe every two or three days. It's also great because it can be used as a face wash too. Another great thing about Lush is that they use all natural ingredients and they don't test on animals for their products.

    Second, I would recommend a beard oil. Beard oil is great for any length beard. It really keeps the hairs soft and not become wire-y if that makes sense. It also keeps the skin under it soft. Try to stay away from ones that have alcohol in them. I've personally used Shear Revival's Saw Bones (it's specifically made for thicker beards, they also make another one for finer beards) They don't have it on their website because I believe they are reformulating it, but you can pick it up on PomadeClub over here - Shear Revival Sawbones Vegan Beard Oil 1oz

    Lastly, I would say a beard balm. Beard balms are a bit better for lengthier beards, but can be used for any length. Basically it's used to keep everything in place and make a "style" so to speak. I've used Shear Revival's Huntsmen's - and also The Mailroom Barber's one as well - Beard Balm You really can't go wrong with either. PomadeClub is a good resource too with a bunch of other great brands as well.

    Sorry if that was information overload haha, I'm just kind of into that community and also the micro brewing pomade community so if you have any questions about that let me know too haha. Good luck and beard on!

    P.S. I would also recommend a good boar brush for your beard. It helps keep the tangles down and helps spread the beard oil/balm in well.
  22. SeeTheLights

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    Also, where my beard journey is as of current:

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  23. Leftandleaving

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    This is the longest my beard has ever been. Kind of lame next to all y'all

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  24. Aaron Mook Dec 23, 2016
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    Aaron Mook

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    Never ever thought I'd say this, but I think I'm a goatee guy
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  25. Leftandleaving

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    Damn, Aaron. Thought you were a mustache man
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