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O'Brother Band

Discussion in 'Music Forum' started by Kennedy, Mar 8, 2016.

  1. Kennedy Prestigious

    O'Brother is a rock band from Atlanta Georgia. They signed to Favorite Gentleman records in 2009 (run by members of Manchester Orchestra), and since then have been putting out some of the best music. Their debut full length "Garden Window" had a lot of high expectations set by fans and critics after the phenomenal EPs they had released prior to it. It was received very well and solidified a place for them as one of the elite bands in this scene.
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  2. Sophos


    cant wait for the new record
  3. Snewt

    Does whatever a spider can. Prestigious

    Every song they've released from the new album sounds great, but I especially love this one
  4. Sophos


    Yeah the guitar tone in this track is everything
  5. Kennedy Prestigious

    I havnt listened to Your Move yet... waiting for the whole album now! i cant wait much longer!
  6. RuckerPark

    Someone else is in my place. Supporter

    The songs that I've heard from this album have been fantastic. Can't wait to have it all in my hands.
  7. Deathco_019


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  8. cwhit

    still emperor emo Prestigious

    I like this more than I expected. Very Radiohead/Beggars Thrice/Polyenso
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  9. Deathco_019


    Really into after first listen.
  10. Kevin360 Mar 18, 2016
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    Someday I’ll find me Prestigious

    I liked Deconstruct, but haven't been able to get into their past albums.

    Been listing to Endless Light, trying to get into them. Love their live shows, and love the instrumentation, but lyrically and vocally, that's where I'm hung up and prevented from being won over.
  11. Kennedy Prestigious

    Pressed play for the first time. these drums in the opener already have me freakin out. sounds so crisp.
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  12. Just finished listening to Endless Light for the first time through about an hour ago. Absolutely incredible. Easily one of my favorites of the year so far, and this is actually the first time I've been able to enjoy one of their albums all the way through. The vocalist keeps getting better and better, which was the main selling point on the new album for me. However, I'll also point out that the dynamic shifts throughout the album (particularly how the drums handle very subtle shifts in groove and time signature) are impeccable.
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  13. ^^^^
    You and I are coming from the same place.
  14. Kennedy Prestigious

    Whoaa. i only listened to "Bloodlines" once in preparation for this record and i didnt think it was that crazy. thought it was pretty average. but that song is huge, i dont know how it didnt resonate with me the first time.
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  15. Kennedy Prestigious

    the drums in "Time Is a Length of Rope" are you KIDDING me?!?! Insane!!!
  16. Kevin360

    Someday I’ll find me Prestigious

    Again. I love the instrumentation. Trying to connect lyrically is my biggest hurdle.

    Glad you're loving it!
  17. Kennedy Prestigious

    Youve never been into Day of Death or Garden Window huh?
  18. Leftandleaving

    I will be okay. everything Supporter

    never really listened to this band much but im gonna give this new one a listen
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  19. Kevin360

    Someday I’ll find me Prestigious

    I haven't. I haven't been able to connect lyrically, and I feel like that's the core of what pulls me into really loving a band.

    Brand New, Thrice, mewithoutYou. Those bands have, what I consider to be, genuinely brilliant lyrics. Instrumentation is important too though.

    Bands that I feel similarly about in regard to how I feel about O'Brother: Foxing, Manchester Orchestra (kind of hit or miss for me), Citizen, and pretty much any other band on Triple Crown and Run for Cover.
  20. RuckerPark

    Someone else is in my place. Supporter

  21. Kennedy Prestigious

    That's pretty interesting. Usually the music/ instrumentation is what initially catches me with new music, but then the lyrics usually determine longevity.
  22. Kevin360

    Someday I’ll find me Prestigious

    I actually enjoyed it more on a second spin. Listening for different things, trying not to dwell on the lyrics until I can actually read them as I listen.
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  23. Kevin360

    Someday I’ll find me Prestigious

    Okay, so on my fourth spin, I've preordered the 180g vinyl from TripleCrown.

    They got me. Time to go back and give their whole discography a better chance.
  24. Lindsay M

    drunk on the radio waves

    Okay where's the best place to start with these guys if I've only heard one-off songs here and there?
  25. cwhit

    still emperor emo Prestigious

    Garden Window