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Nujabes Band

Discussion in 'Music Forum' started by Fucking Dustin, Mar 15, 2016.

  1. Fucking Dustin

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    Jun Seba (瀬葉淳 Seba Jun, February 7, 1974 – February 26, 2010), born in the Nishi-Azabu district of Minato, Tokyo, Japan, was a Japanese hip hop producer and DJ who recorded under the name Nujabes (ヌジャベス Nujabesu). Nujabes /ˈnudʒɑːbɛs/ was an anagram of his name, being the reverse spelling of Seba Jun. He was the owner of the Shibuya record stores, T Records and Guinness Records and founder of the independent label Hydeout Productions. His style mixes hip hop, rap and jazz samples. Nujabes collaborated with other Japanese artists such as Uyama Hiroto, Shing02 (with whom he created the critically acclaimed "Luv(sic)" hexalogy), Minmi, and was also involved with America's underground hip hop scene through collaboration with CYNE, Apani B, Five Deez, Substantial, CL Smooth, Fat Jon, and Terry Callier. In his career he released five studio albums (Metaphorical Music in 2003, Samurai Champloo Music Record: Departureand Impression in 2004, Modal Soul in 2005, and Spiritual State which was incomplete upon his death released by Hydeout Productions in 2011). One of his most recognizable works is that of the background music for Shinichirō Watanabe's series Samurai Champloo.
  2. Fucking Dustin

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  3. Wall Of Arms


    So great and influenced one of my favourite new instrumental artists/releases of last year too for anyone interested:

  4. fyebes

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    way too underrated and gone too soon.
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  5. Fucking Dustin

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    Gonna check this out on next break, you definitely have me interested.
  6. Fucking Dustin

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    We were robbed of an amazing musician way too early. I spend so much time feeling selfish and angry about that. It's hard to declare favorites but I think he's my favorite artist of all time and I haven't found a single song I dislike from him.
  7. h8bit

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    Samurai Champloo definitely hooked me into this guy's music in high school and I'm an absolute sucker for artists that continue to channel his style.
  8. Henry

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    Miss him dearly.