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    On Parahoy, they did a lot of cool reworked version of Threads songs. I took a video of School Friends because KC sings through a vocoder the whole time and it’s super cool- I’ll try and figure out how to get it off my phone to here!
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    Next Show: Taylor Swift -- 8/1

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  3. :)
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    Can someone explain what this is all about? What’s that account? Who?! What?! When?! Why?!
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    Name change? Side project? Whatever it is if KC and Brad are involved I’m all in.
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  6. I’m sold m00dring is my favorite band now
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    Color me intrigued
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    Not to be negative but I really hope they’re not changing their name to Moodring.

    Update: looks like a side project?
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    As long as they’re making music I really don’t care what it’s called
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    highly doubt it's a name change. gotta be a side project. they have too much name recognition to just change their name
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    Next Show: Taylor Swift -- 8/1


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