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North East Ohio (Cleveland/Akron) Location

Discussion in 'General Forum' started by Jacob Tender, Apr 5, 2016.

  1. North East Ohio isn't the worst place to live, but a lot of us will say it is. Who else is from NEO and what are your favorite show venues?
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  2. Threads

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    Hey, a thread for me. I live in NE Ohio. Elyria more specifically which is too bad because I'd love to be able to make more use of public transit.

    Not overly enthusiastic about the area but I'm kinda a homebody anyway so it doesn't really make a difference?

    Favorite venues are easily the Grog Shop and Mahalls in the Cleveland area and the Musica in Akron.
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  3. We are cut from the same cloth. I was born in Medina, but live in Wooster now.

    Grog Shop is the best. Still haven't made it to Mahalls yet. Musica is an awesome venue. Carpet. Delicious beer. Always a good time.
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  4. Contender

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    I live in East Liverpool which is two hours from Cleveland and one hour from Akron and Kent. I'm only an hour from Pittsburgh too. It's a shitty town, but it's in driving distance to cool places. For Cleveland, I like Beachland and Mahall's. The Agora is cool for larger shows. Kent has the Outpost which gets some cool bands sometimes and bands that have fallen off like Escape the Fate. In Akron, I usually do house shows. There was a cool show with Divorce and GOTTEM at Fool's Mansion, but here I am studying.
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  5. The Outpost is weird. Been there once and thought it was an odd venue. Sort of out of the way. Akron has the It's A Kling Thing house which has always been a cool house venue.
  6. From a lil village called Brooklyn Heights that's adjacent to Parma. Basically 10 minute or less drive south from downtown Cle without traffic.

    Beachland and Grog are just fantastic fucking venues. I've grown pretty partial to Mahall's over the last couple years, as well. HOB is honestly a very good place to see a show too, though it lacks the character of the aforementioned.

    Musica rules, too.

    Cleveland is good.
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  7. Meerkat

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    My parents lived in Akron for a while when they first got married. Always holds a special place in my heart.

    Also Whitey's is the greatest
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  8. elphshelf

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    I live in Cuyahoga Falls, which is just north of Akron. I don't mind it here, but granted I'm not too terribly attached to it. Cost of living is pretty low and have lots of family and friends in the area.

    Favorite venues are probably Musica, the Grog Shop, Beachland Ballroom, and the Agora Ballrom/Theater. Living ten minutes from Musica is awesome.
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  9. Anyone in the area musicians? Get at me if you're lookin' for a drummer.
  10. bachna84

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    My family moved to Northfield a little over 6 months ago because I got a new job in Akron.

    Prior to that, we lived in Mentor and I worked in Cleveland.

    I used to go to a lot of shows at the House of Blues which was convenient because I was already downtown for work and I could just walk there from my office and not have to pay again for parking.

    Since starting my new job, the only concert that I've been to in Akron has been at the Akron Civic Theatre (Puscifer earlier this month). I've actually never been to Musica, but I'm going to see The Dear Hunter and O'Brother there in early June. Where I work is about a 3 minute walk away from Musica, so that's pretty cool. I'm definitely going to have to check out some more shows there in the future!
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  11. Probably gonna go to that Dear Hunter/O'bro show as well
  12. JordanKTM

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    I just moved to Lakewood about two months ago from Georgia. I love being close to venues and being in the city in general
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  13. Lakewood rules. Great show at Mahall's tonight if you're into that kinda music. Frankie Cosmos/Eskimeaux/Yowler
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  14. Zilla

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    I'm originally from Northeast Ohio in Warren, Ohio. Grew up there and moved away about 8 years ago to Missouri. I still visit a couple times a year. Great place!

    Grog Shop is a great venue. I saw they tore down Peabody's, which is for the best. What a toilet place.
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  15. Truly
  16. elphshelf

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    People DESTROYED the place at the last show they had there.
  17. bachna84

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    Anybody going to see The Dear Hunter, O'Brother and Rare Futures in Akron tonight?
  18. I'll be there for at least O'brother. My friend's band from Columbus is playing a pre- and postshow at the Beachland tavern for the Wombats show that is going on in the ballroom, so I'm gonna go to the preshow, head down to Musica, and then try to come back up for the postshow lol
  19. bachna84

    we are nothing more than mannequins Prestigious

    Sounds like a busy night!

    I'm hoping the show wraps up by 11 or 11:15 so I can catch the end of the Cavs game somewhere. I don't like missing game 1 of the Finals, but I had planned on going to the show tonight for the past 3 months so I'm going to stick with that!
  20. Yeah, it's rough but I think I'll always choose live music over sports. If it were an elimination game it would probably be a different story.

    feel free to say hey if you notice a 6'5"+/300lbs+ dork with a Comedy Bang Bang tour shirt on
  21. bachna84

    we are nothing more than mannequins Prestigious

    Will do! I'm 6'6" and will have an Encore shirt on so I'll probably be pretty easy to spot too.

    Yeah, if it were an elimination game it'd be a tougher decision, but I never really gave this one a second thought.
  22. oh gosh we're gonna be the two tallest people there
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  23. bachna84

    we are nothing more than mannequins Prestigious

    haha, there's a good chance!
  24. I'm actually seeing Spirited Away on the same block tonight. Might try to stop in after!

    -sent from Urban Eats @ Musica listening to Casey drum check.
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  25. bachna84

    we are nothing more than mannequins Prestigious

    Sounds like it's a busy night for everybody!

    I've never been to that theater, but my wife and I were thinking of going there sometime in the next week to see The Lobster.
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