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Nope (Jordan Peele, July 22, 2022) Movie

Discussion in 'Entertainment Forum' started by iCarly Rae Jepsen, Jul 22, 2021.

  1. iCarly Rae Jepsen

    we're on each other's team Platinum

  2. airik625

    we've seen the shadow of the axe before Prestigious

  3. Anthony_

    A (Cancelled) Dork Prestigious

    i'm here for a killer cloud movie
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  4. VanMastaIteHab

    Trusted Prestigious

    Incredible title
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  5. Why Bother?

    Still bothering.

    Give me all the Yeun
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  6. JRGComedy

    Trusted Supporter

    I'm excited for the Midwestern sequel: 'Ope
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  7. estebanwaseaten


    The combination of the title and the poster design give me huge apocalyptic comedy vibes like This Is The End-esque haha
  8. xapplexpiex

    sup? Supporter

    Interesting poster and title. I feel like not enough people got into Us.
  9. Anthony_

    A (Cancelled) Dork Prestigious

    My belief is that Us got Cinema Sins'd to death, people trying to logically pick apart all the little details in the movie instead of just experiencing it. It's a great movie.
  10. popdisaster00

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  11. Serh

    @TiredOfSeth Prestigious

    mans gonna threepeat
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  12. Serh

    @TiredOfSeth Prestigious

  13. Contender

    Goodness is Nowhere Supporter


    honestly my preference is Us at this point.
  14. jkauf

    Trusted Supporter

    I hope Barbie Ferreira is a star, she was so good in Unpregnant
  15. SteveLikesMusic

    approx. 3rd coolest Steve on here Supporter

    Very excited

    wonder if it’s a climate change thing
  16. oakhurst


    I’m ready for it. Peele is one of the top directors in horror right now imo.
  17. ghostedaway

    bryan Prestigious

    Cosmic horror? Yes please
  18. OhTheWater

    Let it run Supporter

  19. Wild cast, wild title, let's go
  20. phaynes12

    playing in the band Prestigious

    wow that cast
  21. radiodead


    Calendar marked.
  22. Ready for it. Hope for more info soon
  23. Serh

    @TiredOfSeth Prestigious

  24. Doomsday

    Trusted Supporter

    That poster is very, very cool and I am intrigued. I think Nope is a pretty stupid name though, feels kinda hacky and trying too hard to keep the trend of short titles

    But I have faith in Peele, and I really like Kaluuya and Yeun so I am definitely in. Rewatched Us recently and had a blast, I liked it more this time. Need to revisit Get Out
  25. Rowan5215

    An inconsequential shift as the continents drift.

    Us was so good for real
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