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Noisey Talks With Latterman About Reunion

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Apr 13, 2016.

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    Dan Ozzi, writing for Noisey, talks with Latterman about their upcoming two reunion shows and catching up on what the members have been up to. It’s a great read.

    Something I’ll experience so often on RVIVR tours is that people will come up to me and say, “I wish I saw Latterman!” And I’ll be like, “Yeah we played here.” And they’d be like, “Really? When?” And I’d say, “In 2001 at Trashcan Books.” And they’re like, “What’s that?” And I’m like, “I don’t know, the anarchist space?” And they’re like, “Oh that’s not around anymore. My older sister worked there, but I was ten years old.” RVIVR, in the beginning, we pissed a lot of people off. People were very, very angry at us about wanting to be inclusive of queer people, wanting to be inclusive of women, of trans people. To the point where people would come to RVIVR shows just to mess with us.

  2. princexero

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    I hope they'll tour Europe in the near future!
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  3. nfdv2

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    wish they'd either come to the west coast or play fest :(
  4. HalfHearted


  5. Cola.

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    So excited for this. I got to see them in Brooklyn at the Bell House a few years back when they did like 3 reunion shows.
  6. Shrek

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    I have only recently got into Latterman, one of the more glaring omissions of my listening history. Certainly love what I have heard, and I hear their influence in modern punk/pop punk more so than many bands that get much more credit than them.
  7. TonyG


    Latterman were fantastic, I really enjoy the spawned off bands RVIVR and Iron Chic a lot too. But Latterman was tops in my opinion, I definitely believe they were a tad ahead of their time.
  8. tommymcphail

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    With this being Fest 15 (and probably a super alum-heavy year), I think a Latterman Fest set is virtually guaranteed.
  9. HalfHearted


    These were my thoughts as well. 6 more days until the first announcement, can't wait.
  10. cwhit

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    best pop punk band of all time, going to go to a NYC show
  11. K0ta

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    Can't believe I never heard of this band, having grown up and been in HS during their era on Long Island.

    "Obviously with people involved in punk, you’d hope they’d have a predilection to questioning at least the mainstream, but a website called “Punknews” recently just happened to be somehow less sensitive to the issues pertaining to the trans community than major political figures in American politics."

    That's why it's imperative to report and comment on misogyny/sexual abuse/homophobia or transphobia/etc in the community. When a place purporting to represent a community like punk makes a joke like that, we all suffer.

    I also really liked this line:
    "The thing that drew me to being in a punk band is the rebellious nature of it—having a place for freaks and weirdos and outsiders. The idea that it would mimic the violence and hate that was put on us by mainstream culture is so foul to me, it was disgusting."

    I can't really say more, this was well said. Seems especially relevant given the discussion surrounding TSSF this past week.

    This was a great interview, I look forward to catching a show.
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  12. mybreakingpoint

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  13. nfdv2

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    I'm betting both letterman and piebald will play fest