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Discussion in 'Music Forum' started by Craig Manning, Jul 7, 2017.

  1. .K.

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    I like the idea of Glorietta, but it wasn’t for me outside enjoying Noah’s songs.
  2. Barcara

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    I’m so into the Glorietta album.

    And it introduced me to David Remirez who is fantastic.
  3. Matt Chylak

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    “Sinking Ship” is the standout song on that record for me. Not sure who the singer is, but she sounds great.
  4. Matt Chylak

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    Definitely listen to his album from last year We’re Not Going Anywhere if you haven’t yet!
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  5. Matthewconte


    "Sinking Ship" is Kelsey Wilson from Wild Child. They've got a couple decent albums. That song is actually on their latest.
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  6. zmtr

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    Fables is all time favorite for me. His most recent is amazing too.
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  7. Craig Manning

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    Really, the last three David Ramirez albums are all great. Apologies is a little less exceptional, but "Stick Around" is probably a top 50 song of the decade for me.
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  8. zmtr

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    Falling more and more in love with Glorietta.

    “Sinking Ship” is stunning
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  9. morken

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    Started following YITC on social the other day, and it looks like they are recording.
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  10. coleslawed

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    as much as I loved his folky stuff, CTG into WN really grabbed me, and this new song is right up there. i’m down for whatever direction Noah wants to go. he does everything so well.
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  11. zmtr

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    His tenacity is fucking inspiring. He does not stop creating. If he’s not playing music in someway he’s still taking advantage of every moment in his life. Him and Abby just went on a ONE HUNDRED MILE bike ride... like it’s a semi casual thing — two days later he posts a new song, and announces that one of his bands is recording.

    Insane. Some days I can’t even find the motivation to stand upright.
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  12. zmtr

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    Also I’ve already said it plenty of times but “Wrong Side” is so extremely good IMO. Whatever he does next I hope there’s plenty of sax involved.

    “fool me once
    fool me twice
    fuck it,
    fool me a thousand times”

    It’s kind of a basic line but Noah pulls it off with sincereity that only he has.
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  13. zmtr

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    On my way to see Noah in Detroit. Only gonna try to cry a little
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  14. zmtr

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    Noah and his band just said “fuck that guy” referring to Ryan Adams
  15. brendanmachow

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    Uh oh.
  16. zmtr

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    Yeah not sure what it was about exactly and I don’t care honestly. I did get 3 brand new songs though and they were all acoustic and are going to be recorded as such according to him.

    He’s perfect live every time. His voice is just absolutely insanely great.
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  17. heywassuphello

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    Seems to be a popular opinion among songwriters these days. I love RA's work but definitely have no desire to meet him.
  18. Carla Hills


    Just saw Noah both nights in Toronto, and now I'm trying to find all the new things he played.

    Obsessed with Wrong Side now, literally been on repeat for 3 days.

    Trying to find one of the songs, and I have a feeling it is God Don't Talk to Strangers but I can't find it ANYWHERE to listen to it and see!!!! HELP.
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  19. zmtr

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    PM me
  20. .K.

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    Excited to hear he’s already talking about recording.
  21. Tired Eyes


    Hello everyone!

    All this talk of the b-sides is making me really sad that he rarely stops by in Switzerland. The one time he stopped here, he didn‘t have the pin.

    Would anyone be so kind to PM me the files?

  22. froleo


    Is this a new song or a cover?
  23. Matt Chylak

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    Can’t find the lyrics online, must be new.
  24. heywassuphello

    it's hard work having a soul

    He played that song in Atlanta last month & introduced it as a new song.
  25. sean_rugy

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    same title as the project he put out the other month with David Ramirez and friends. can't listen to the song but is it off that?