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    One of my favorite punk bands of all time. I just got back from Amnesia Rockfest and they did an excellent job celebrating the life of Tony Sly. Two stages named after him and a No Use for a Name tribute band. If you havn't heard the records "Hard Rock Bottom", "More Bitterness", "The Feel Good Album of the Year", and "Making Friends" you should get on that.

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    Let's use this thread to celebrate the life of that late Tony Sly! (RIP)

    Here is an Apple Music playlist for people who don't know their work.

    Listen to Tony sly by Bryan Williams on
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  2. HueyLewis


    I love this band so much. Tony's passing hit me hard. Far worse than any other celebrity death. Im not sure how others rank their discography but, The Feel Good Record of the Year is my favorite release by them. The Feel Good Song of the Year is such an underrated song. It's an all time favorite for me.
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    Tony remains one of punk rock's best songwriters. I will forever love their discography from Leche on forward. They were always one of the most adventurous Fat bands throughout their tenure. I will forever miss Tony. He and Joey's splits/tours were my idea of heaven. Those two have been very important to me in terms of their creative works.
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    my favorite is probably more bitterness.. I bought the album in high school bc it had cool art work and found my favorite band at the time.
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    I feel like I'm the only person who doesn't love More Betterness. I mean, I like it, but it's my least favorite record of their Fat Wreck albums. I really like keep them confused.
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    It's also the first album where Tony changed his singing style to a more clean approach
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    I remember I always used to make my dad listen to making friends.. He didn't hate it but one time I was walking through our neighborhood with some friends and he rolled down the window and screamed "what's your name!?!?!?" Haha
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