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No Use and Friends Tribute Show Posted

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, May 25, 2016.

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    The tribute show for No Use For a Name at this year’s Groezrock has been posted on YouTube. The set features a variety of guest singers playing with the band in tribute to the deceased Tony Sly.

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  2. MightyBrian

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    anyone know who were the singers?
  3. Contender

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    0:00 - Justified Black Eye (Matt Riddle singing)
    3:19 - Dumb Reminders (Matt Riddle singing)
    6:03 - Chasing Rainbows (Sima Brami singing)
    10:30 - Coming Too Close (Spike Slawson singing)
    14:04 - Invincible (Chuck Robertson singing)
    16:50 - Soulmate (Trever Keith singing)
    20:55 - The Answer Is Still No (Matt Riddle singing)
    23:51 - For Fiona (Joey Cape singing)
    27:52 - Not Your Savior (Joey Cape singing)
    32:20 - Exit (Joey Cape singing)
    35:30 - Friends Of The Enemy (Matt Riddle singing)
    39:55 - On The Outside (Joey Cape and Stacey Dee singing)
    43:43 - Straight From The Jacket (Joey Cape singing)
    46:45 - International You Day (Joey Cape singing)
    50:50 - Tony Sly Chant (Crowd)
    51:11 - Feeding The Fire (Matt Riddle singing)
    53:35 - Tony Sly Chant (Crowd)

    From the description of the video. This is something I've been waiting to see, and glad it's finally here. RIP Tony.
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  4. MightyBrian

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    holy shit your the man
  5. Fox83


    I wish the sound quality were better, and I wish Spike Slawson sang more songs, even if he did need a lyrics sheet on stage.