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Discussion in 'Entertainment Forum' started by dadbolt, May 22, 2016.

  1. dadbolt

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    yeah i reinstalled last week and played an hour or two. flying is much better now for sure. i don't know how long it'll hold my attention for but it was fun exploring for a little bit.
  2. chris

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    yeah I'm prob a total sucker but I think I might get back into this with the update
  3. I Am Mick

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    I feel like every update so far has really improved the game. It would have been easy for them to cut and run after the launch but I really respect how much work they’ve put into it. Excited to get into NEXT after work
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  4. DickyCullz

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    I’m tempted to loaded this up tonight. Not played since launch
  5. wisdomfordebris

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    Never played this at launch because it froze up five minutes after loading and that coupled with all the negative reviews killed me, but I still have my copy and I’ve been hearing good things about this update so I may give it another try today.
  6. nomemorial

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    Played briefly when the update was launched and things are looking much better already. Still not the most fantastically optimized game on PC, but once I get the settings in a sweet spot I think I'll enjoy it a lot. I have a number of friends who picked it up again/for the first time and they're all loving it. Really glad the devs are finally getting their day with all the hard work they've put in, it finally seems like the game they wanted to make.
  7. fool me once
  8. I Am Mick

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    I’m super bitter that all my tech is obsolete and deleted and they changed all the elements. So all my hard work was pointless and I don’t even know how to craft it again
  9. I got my purchase refunded when it first came out but for 50% off on Steam I'll give it another shot.
  10. wisdomfordebris

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    So yeah idk if it’s because of the update or not but this is incredible so far and is running smoothly on my PS4

    Took a while to repair my starship but flying and landing on another planet was exhilarating
  11. skoopy


    I've spent the last couple weeks knee deep in the dark souls series and I think coming back to this was the exact reprieve I required. Ive also decided this is an excellent mind occupier while playing an album or podcast.

    I doubt this will ever quite be the experience some were anticipating on launch. But I do think it occupies a lane of its own and I can commend it for that.
  12. wisdomfordebris

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    This is absolutely incredible

    I don’t know when the last time I did nothing but play video games was
  13. wisdomfordebris

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    Lol these guys

    D2BEC3D1-602B-43A3-B5F4-6A3596C73353.jpeg 45E04F3D-2A0C-4E01-BD73-B776A9D0E87F.jpeg
  14. CarpetElf

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    I didn't get too far last night because the planet I spawned on kicked my ass. But the graphics and gameplay are vastly improved. I also love the added detail to the scanner.
  15. I Am Mick

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    another huge update. I've fallen off the game just because I can't keep up with the new content they keep pumping out. It's overwhelming.

    But I love underwater shit and this looks dope
  16. bradsonemanband

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    not a single blue whale in that video? i'm unimpressed...
  17. so uh

  18. dash64

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    I tried to get back into this with the NEXT update but was completely lost, I might just start a new game.
  19. I Am Mick

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    the next update was frustrating because it was basically a new game. I love all the additional stuff they added, but they really didn't need to change all the elements and crafting recipes. Was also lost and didn't really want to relearn the whole game
  20. dash64

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    See, I'm feeling the same way, I have so many other games to play that I can't justify going back to this one quite yet.
  21. clucky

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    Picked this up over the steam sale. Having a lot of fun with it, but not a fan of the lack of any sort of planetary map. Like I found this thing on the first planet that had this new suit that needed to get repaired or something. But I needed some antimatter which I didn't have. Tried tagging the building where it was and making a approximate mental note but then once I got antimatter and went back to find it I spend over an hour and couldn't. I had even activated one of those save beacons outside it.

    Am I just being dumb as to how to re-discover one of the waypoints in my discoveries list? Or do they decide not to surface that information to you for some terrible reason and instead expect you to have to keep actual notes?
  22. I Am Mick

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    It’s been a while so I can’t remember about tagging/saving locations, but you’ll find a ton of those suit pods. Don’t sweat it
  23. zigbigwig

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    didn’t know there was a thread for this. i bought it earlier this year and wasted some hours with it

    but ive started playing it more seriously some days ago and its just amazing. love this game so much. im excited for Beyond
  24. I Am Mick

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    I had to give up. Every update changed things too much, even the basic element names and their functions. Got sick of relearning the game. Also every update is massive, I didn’t even have the storage on my ps4.

    But I will commend them. They continue to put a ton of work into the game when they could have easily took the money and ran
  25. DickyCullz

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    Went to go load it up this morning as Beyond is out today, thought i’d get it ready for when i’m home from work. Open the disc box and no disc. Realized i must have left it in my old ps4 when i sold it for a Pro. gaddammit