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Nintendo’s Switch Is the Fastest-Selling US Console Ever

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Jan 4, 2018.

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    Steve Dent, writing for Engadget:

    The Switch has broken the US record for the fastest selling console ever, with 4.8 million units sold in just 10 months, Nintendo says. That shatters the previous record of 4 million US sales in the same time, also held by Nintendo with the Wii. Switch sales first opened on March 3rd, 2017, and it looks like strong holiday sales pushed the Switch over the top.

  2. oakhurst

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    Pretty sweet
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  3. ZeoVGM


    Well deserved! It had one of the best first year lineups of any console in history.
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  4. JRGComedy

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    They have definitely focused on quality games over quantity.
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  5. Nate_Johnson

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    This is my year to get one. I’m excited.
  6. DooDooBird


    I've yet to get one. Holding out for a super special edition bundle with some new colored joycons. (I do think the mario odyssey edition is dope though). I'm waiting to see what's in store for 2018.
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  7. backbynewyears


    I did my part! Haven't stopped playing the thing.
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  8. thedrudo

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    Got one a month or so back and love it.
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  9. angrycandy

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    I love mine so much
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  10. Former Planets


    I played a friend’s Switch one, and then I immediately went back to my phone/iPad games.
  11. Frank Lapidus

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    Haven’t owned a system since the 64. Got me back into gaming. Love it.
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  12. sammyboy516

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    Besides Zelda and Mario (which are both awesome) has there been anything else? I haven’t heard of anything
  13. withchappedlips


    Find it crazy how well the Switch has sold considering how poor Nintendo did with the Wii U. I read a lot of doom & gloom type of stories regarding Nintendo for a while. It’s great to see them come back from that, although it’s kind of a bummer that they abandoned the Wii U the way they did. There may not be a huge consumer base for the system, but there still IS a consumer base.
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  14. withchappedlips


    I realize you mentioned Mario already, but they had both Mario Kart and also Oddysey, which realistically either of them are big time games for Nintendo. They brought their Pokémon Tekken game over, and Pokémon is obviously a big series for them. Splatoon 2 was also huge, and I know that the biggest interest on my end specifically is the idea of being able to play Skyrim anywhere in my house, on the go, whatever. That alone is really swaying me towards the system.
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  15. ZeoVGM


    Mario + Rabbids, Splatoon 2, ARMS, Xenoblade Chronicles 2, Snipperclips and an updated port of Mario Kart 8 from Wii U with all of the DLC.
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  16. Jake W

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    This + Fire Emblem
  17. SamLevi11

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    That in no way reads as "the best first year lineup ever" to me. It is good though, purely based on Mario and Zelda alone.
  18. Jared Luttrell


    Love mine.
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  19. sammyboy516

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    I agree.
  20. KyleK

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    I kinda view it as the opposite - in that the disappointment of the Wii U is what made a lot of people so surprised and excited by the Switch. Not to suggest that was a foregone conclusion, I think it could have gone either way, and if the Switch wasn't so heralded it may have really sunk them. But I do think lowered expectations can result in extra excitement if you knock it out of the park.
  21. ZeoVGM


    Honestly though, go take a look at the first year for XB1 and PS4, just as an example. I'd say Mario & Zelda easily put it above the vast majority of first years for consoles. The others are just icing on top.
  22. davecerv


    I absolutely love my Switch! I got it in October and have 14 great and fun games. That's more games than I have on my PS4...
    My favorite games being Mario Rabbids Kingdom Battle, Zelda Breath of the Wild, Splatoon 2, and Rayman Legends.
    There's plenty of games out for almost any kind of gamer. I must say that 99% of the time I use it as a portable. The only times I hook it up to the TV is on the weekends with friends thats all.

    The true difference between this and PS4/XB is that, for example, when I want to play PS4, I almost have to make time to do it. Switch is waiting for you to play it at any given time and anywhere! I take mine everywhere. As a college guy, when its class break or waiting for class to start, I play my switch. It's meant to work similar to a phone, its always on and ready to continue that game session you started earlier in the day, its magical.
  23. Jonathan

    ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Verified

    Beat Mario (the campaign at least) this weekend after dabbling for a few hours every other weekend or so. Most enjoyable game for me since Mario64 (I also like the side-scrolling Mario games).
  24. DarkHotline

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    See, I want one but only for certain things, like mobile Stardew Valley.
  25. manoverboard679

    If you have to ask, you can't afford it

    Speaking of Mario 64, have you been to Mushroom Kingdom yet? I had a smile on my face for hours and I'm not even done with that world yet..such a great tribute