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Nine Inch Nails EP Packages Are Messy

Discussion in 'Article Discussion' started by Melody Bot, Mar 2, 2017.

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    Physical copies of Nine Inch Nails Not the Actual Events EP are starting to arrive to fans and they seem to come with a mysterious black powder in the packaging. Some fan photos can be found below.

    Well this should be interesting…

    — Matthew Perpetua (@perpetua) March 2, 2017

    @trent_reznor @nineinchnails Opening this was like touching my soul. #nineinchnails

    — Lydia Munster (@LydiaMunster) March 1, 2017

  2. devenstonow

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    this is one of the most nine inch nails things ever
  3. certainly i can't be the only one wondering about the legalities of this
  4. Colby Searcy

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    What exactly IS the black powder?
  5. JRGComedy

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  6. skurt

    Sleekest of beaks. So Good.

    Seems sketchy lol
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  7. skurt

    Sleekest of beaks. So Good.

    Found a few more photos of it unpackaged.

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  8. Malatesta

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    i would have no desire to get anywhere near this
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  9. shawnhyphenray


    Makes me wish I ordered it cuz this is pretty cool and unique however the songs make it not worth it