Nicolas Jaar - Sirens (September 30th) Album

Discussion in 'Music Forum' started by StepsInADance, Aug 26, 2016.

  1. StepsInADance Aug 26, 2016
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    it seems like some new music is coming

    1. Killing Time
    2. The Governor
    3. Leaves
    4. No
    5. Three Sides of Nazareth
    6. History Lesson
  2. Chaplain Tappman

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  3. tucah

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  6. Wharf Rat

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  7. sophos34 Supporter

    hes doing a six hour mix of all new music right now

    Schedule 2
  8. StepsInADance

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    tuned in a few times, i think a lot of it is supposed to be stuff from his label. how much new jaar stuff has played? theres a song by him on right now that i believe is a new one
  9. cwhit

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  10. tucah

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    just had to get one more release onto the pile of this excellent september, huh
  11. Joel

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    woah, hope I like this
  12. sophos34 Supporter

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  13. sophos34 Supporter

    ok this song 30 minutes in is hot
  14. tucah

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    Whatever track I'm listening to now (probably the third?) is excellent
  15. Joel

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    This is really interesting, excited to listen more
  16. PauLo

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    Couldn't get into this (or Nymphs) at all.
  17. brandon_260 Prestigious

    Good albun
  18. sophos34 Supporter

    I love this
  19. Joel

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    8.7 from the fork!
  20. sophos34 Supporter

    this album is motherfucking wild i swear to god there is so much depth to his music
  21. Joel

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    I'm really getting into it, glad u likey bud
  22. sophos34 Supporter

    hes pretty much my favorite producer ever haha i was always going to like it but even by my standards this is blowing me away
  23. StepsInADance

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    heard a little bit of it and it sounds amazing. he's the best. hoping to get some time to listen to this tomorrow night, of all the stuff coming out tomorrow this is number one on my priorities list.
  24. StevenW92


    This is wild. So much in such a short space of time. Think The Governor is my favourite. Three Sides Of Nazareth runs it close though. So many different styles in each of those songs.

    Incredible album.
  25. brandon_260 Prestigious

    The piano on The Governor sounds very familiar and recent. I think it sounds like something from the new Blood Orange album.
  26. Wharf Rat

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    I thought the same thing, but I haven't heard BO. My first thought was BBNG for some reason. It's definitely something