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Discussion in 'Tour Forum' started by stonecoldnimrod, Jan 21, 2020.

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    I saw them on the initial touring cycle for this in 2006 and again in 2009. I was never on the anti-Nickelback train.
  2. Phil507

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    If we’re talking about this tour we might as well have a thread for Disturbed’s 20 year tour of The Sickness (with special guest Staind!)
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  3. Phil507

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    Relistened to this album this morning and surprised how much I enjoyed it. Forgot how fun "Someone That You're With" is. The ballads get a little grating after a while but still a solid mainstream rock album that came out at a time when tastemakers were really sick of this kind of thing.
  4. btr


    This album rules. I’ll be snagging those $20 all in concert tickets they do every year
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  5. Xpertguy5


    That tour is expensive too. I'm wait for those $20 deals
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    Oh fuckin shut up. Why are you posting here?
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    Great post. Really proved all my points wrong lol