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Discussion in 'Sports Forum' started by Max_123, Jan 2, 2020.

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  1. clucky

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    lol imagine if after all this time of the two of you spewing "we suck game over" when your team is up by 10 just because the other team got the ball back you and @chcougar1 decide to have one of the most civilized match threads of the season :crylaugh:
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  2. uuu


    Vikings are going to keep winning if people doubt them. Its when you shine a spotlight on them they crumble.

    That said, Go Chiefs. Go Titans. Go Vikings. Go Pack.
  3. Drew Beringer

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    like I've been saying

  4. GraveDigger

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    The Seahawks are cockroaches. Russ is incredible and I love watching him but holy shit 90% of their games are a chore to sit through. I fully expect them to get Minnesota at home in two weeks because that's how fate works.
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  5. BirdPerson

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    He's playing in NE next year everyone stfu already the Afc east is tired of the bullshit
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  6. DooDooBird


    Imagine if Brady came back and signed with someone stupid like the Chargers and went 3-13. That would be a far shittier way to end your career than losing as a Patriot in the playoffs.
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  7. clucky

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    I want to like Russ but the fans in this city are so ass and so much of the time their success is really a mixture of Wilson's skill and dumb bullshit luck that I just can't.
  8. clucky

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    on the other hand, if 44 year old Tom Brady leads the Browns to a super bowl title we'd have to just end the league and start an NFL 2 because there would be no topping that ever.
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  9. Brent

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    Dan Patrick has been saying that for awhile.


  10. DooDooBird


    Does Baker Mayfield get hit by a bus in the off season in order for this to happen?
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  11. clucky

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    he gets to go live at a nice farm upstate
  12. preppyak

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    Id buy it; Patriots are a team suited to doing a full reset if they want and trading a bunch of older vets for draft picks (Edelman, Gilmore, McCourty, Chung, Cannon, etc). But you kill the value of doing that by giving Brady a $30mil/yr deal (already with $13.5mil dead cap). They could have a Browns/Dolphins level of cap space and draft picks if they wanted
  13. Joe4th

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    I hope the Seahawks beat the packers by 3 scores
  14. Victor Eremita

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    lol there were like 9 seconds left and they were near their own endzone. I keep seeing these Brady threw the game ending interception takes, they’re kinda dumb. I guess it’s more flashy and meme worthy than the fact that he could only score 13 points though
  15. broken22


    Go Packers, Go Vikings, Go Titans, Go Chiefs.
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  16. uuu


  17. broken22


    Give me Rodgers/Mahomes in the SB.
  18. Victor Eremita

    Not here. Isn't happening.

    We were robbed of that matchup this year.
    I’d rather see Wilson v Mahomes though because I think Wilson is just better right now and if it’s a shootout I trust him to keep it close. I also trust Wilson to keep it close if it’s low scoring that’s just how he is for some reason
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  19. preppyak

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    This feels SOOOOO much like Peyton towards the end. Team would start strong, and by like Weeks 6-8, itd start falling off as he wore down. Pats didnt break 20 points most of the 2nd half of the season...even with some garbage defenses on their slate.
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  20. Randall Mentzos

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    I'm rooting for the opposite team in every game lol
  21. To me, this was a perfect storm of a lack of talent around Brady. He had a pretty poor offensive line (ranked too high in some recent polls imo), a running back who can barely break a tackle and receivers (including Edelman in some key spots this year) who seem allergic to catching a pass.

    For me personally I blame this season’s under-performance on the front office work. They did very little to try to enhance the team that barely won the Super Bowl last year. I’m a big Pats fan, but they barely deserved to be in the playoffs, and I don’t really put all of that on Brady (although he certainly has his flaws at 42).
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  22. GreatBeardRecs

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    Still marveling at this
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  23. DrAlanGrant

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    This is not human. What the fuck. I watched the game and didn’t even realize this happened
  24. Victor Eremita

    Not here. Isn't happening.

    It kind of does but I don’t see the steep physical decline that we saw with Manning. Brady does have zip on his throws and in that last game he threw a Hail Mary at the end of the first half that looked like it went 65-70 yards in the air. It didn’t help that Manning never really had a great spiral and when his arm went that wobble just looked awful haha.
    Having said that Brady just does not look like he can stand in the pocket and take a hit to deliver an accurate ball. Not that many qbs can but the great ones can, and he used to do it as well as anyone. They didn’t surround him with any talent this year but they never really do, and even when Gronk was often injured and missing time the pats were still a lock for 28 points.
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