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Discussion in 'Sports Forum' started by Max_123, Jan 2, 2019.

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  1. Sean Murphy

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  2. Blimp City Hero

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    Philly got the win, but icing the kicker is like the “12-oh-one!” contestant on Price is Right. No respect.
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  3. Drew Beringer

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    I feel so bad for Parkey
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  5. waking season

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    Rivers’ Super Bowl MVP speech is going to be nuts
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  6. FTank

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    Colts, Rams, Chargers, Eagles
  7. Max_123

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    Kicker in the NFL has definitely got to be the most stressful sports job ever right
  8. Nobody gives us their first round pick for Mack and then proceeds to go 12-4 and gets away with it.
  9. DooDooBird


    This is exactly why I want the Chargers to win it all.
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  10. St. Nate

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    It’s gonna be a Cowboys Eggles NFC matchup because I’d hate that and one of them will go off to face the Patriots cause I’ll hate that then they’ll beat the Patriots cause I’ll begrudgingly hate that.
  11. xbrokendownx

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    if Philly keeps it within 10 next week I will be shocked
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  12. Brent

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    I grew up in Orange County and didn’t start following football until after the Rams left... electing to choose my team based off whoever won the 95 Super Bowl between the Steelers and Cowboys. Of course, the Cowboys won that and I then had them as “my” team from that point on until after the 2014 season when I was just done with their mediocrity. This coming from a Clippers fan what seemed like no one from my high school liked them. Once the Rams moved back I jumped aboard... but man, next Sunday is going to be rough.

    Excited for either outcome as long as one goes on to win it all.
  13. MyBestFiend

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    Go Birds

    Always liked Cody Parkey
  14. Kellan

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    Jesus Christ
  15. Texas Flood

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  16. marsupial jones

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    Chiefs losing next week. 3 QB’s had their first playoff game this weekend and all three lost. Mahomes is next.
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  17. marsupial jones

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    Philly radio fan call in:

    “Trade Wentz to Jacksonville for Ramsey, Fournette and their 1st round pick.”

    Hosts tore him apart lol
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  18. xbrokendownx

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  19. who is gonna be the next failure in Miami, anyway?

    p.s. I agree with you.
  20. xbrokendownx

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    what is your prediction for next week?

    you think the Eagles cover?
  21. PepsiOne

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    Saints are 100% losing to Foles magic lol fuck this
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  22. lol not only no but fuck no. They're going to get boatraced.
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  23. Henry

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    That ending was unreal
  24. DrAlanGrant

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    If the corny ass Cowboys can beat the Saints than anyone can.

    Fully expecting the Saints to crush the eagles
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  25. MyBestFiend

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    Agreed. Not enough for Wentz. Add another first and then we'll talk
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