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NFL Gameday Week 6 • Page 14

Discussion in 'Sports Forum' started by Max_123, Oct 15, 2020.

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  2. PeacefulOrca

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  3. T.J.

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  4. a nice person

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    Goff sucks again
  5. Victor Eremita

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    lmao what the hell imagine if there wasn’t reply for this
  6. T.J.

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  7. T.J.

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    Odd play choice there, McVay.
  8. koryoreo


    Should have just ran it twice or taken the FG. What a shitshow for the Rams tonight lol
  9. xbrokendownx

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    this is amazing

    Vrabel sent a 12th player into the game on purpose because he knew the Texans would get a 1st down anyways and he knew the clock would stop on the penalty. Saved them a ton of game clock (which they obviously needed at the end)
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  10. tkamB

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  11. Texas Flood

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    Vrabel is a smart dude. The move he pulled on the Pats last year with the clock was awesome.
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  12. Yeah Vrabel seems to come from the school of Billy B minus the cheating.
  13. Donnie Ruth

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    So 5 pm kickoff??? Is this what it feels like to be on the west coast?? I love it.
  14. williek311

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    Thank god we have that camera on the market so we know how bad the refs are.

    Also Allen looking like straight doodoo to start.
  15. koryoreo


    Josh Allen looking like garbage so far. Missing throws left and right lol
  16. CarpetElf

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    9 attempts. 15 yards. Yuck.
  17. Brent

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    Is it raining there or what? Some cameras make it look like it’s weird hazy/rain but then some don’t.
  18. dallasc


    Josh Allen elite RB
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  19. Owlex

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    Feel like the Vikings tried to punish Diggs by sending him to Buffalo which has definitely backfired if that was the case
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  20. Sean Murphy

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  21. CarpetElf

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    Yeah, send him to one of the most WR needy teams in the league who also happen to have the perfect QB for Diggs. Genius.
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  22. PeacefulOrca

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    I think only a few teams were willing to give the Vikings a 1st round pick for diggs, honestly
  23. Max_123

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    Which would truly be laughable considering Brandin Cooks has been traded for a 1st twice and a 2nd
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  24. Sean Murphy

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    need some Mecole Hardman love asap
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  25. Max_123

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    CEH is good and the Chiefs don't need Bell at all, makes me so angry he went there lol
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